Sunday, March 21, 2010

National Down Syndrome Day

well hi there!
Today is National Down Syndrome Day.
I figured to celebrate - we would post a zillion random photos from this past few weeks. It's his 13th month with us. It's amazing how time is flying by. So fast I cannot download the photos quick enough!


this is the view every morning when I am feeding Max at the high chair. My feet and his. I think his are much more attractive!
Both of us looking over the edge into the other's world
At Club 21 Max is being Filmed for an upcoming fundraising event. I was interviewed and filmed as well.
Standing and watching the balls pop up from this toy he loves
Looking up at the trees in March as I sip a decaf latte and sit with my husband and sleeping baby Max is in his stroller.
Huntington Gardens with both his mama and his papa. Getting ready to stand...
There it is again! These days he takes one step - and when he takes the second step he falls forward onto me usually.
more happiness
learning about flowers at huntington gardens
He LOVES water. There are water features at the huntington children's garden and he LOVES getting his hands in there.
he loves to whistle! Yes he whistles!
And he loves his "auntie" Christina! He got to see her TWICE this past week.
oh and more happiness!
last night we had dinner with Andrew and Kirsten ( we met at their wedding ) and Max got to play with Niko and Willa. Niko and Max became fast friends!

and guess where we are heading today??
Yep - more huntington gardens for us.
I think if we go every single day for a year we can see something new every time. We are going to find a shady spot under a tree and laugh and play.


we might just mix it up and go to the zoo - although on the weekend? ACK - so many people!

Max is such an AWESOME guy. I'm SO glad we don't live in a world where kids with Ds are automatically sent to institutions like they were not so long ago. And I'm so glad that we didn't know he had Ds when I was pregnant. If I knew and read all the stuff out there I would have had the WRONG idea about what Max was going to be like. He is NOTHING like what they say. he is MAX.

The biggest joy of my life.


Caitlyn and Chad said...

You are part of such a beautiful family <3

Mauzy said...

He is adorable!

jojo said...

I thought I knew what happiness was when I looked at your faces on your wedding day. Boy was I wrong...happiness is seeing you in your life today with Max!

Hua said...

These pictures are great! Your family is too cute. I hope all is well.

Director of Blogger Networks

Monica Crumley said...

Beautiful post and great photos. Amazing that he is standing so well. We love Huntington Gardens, too, if it's the same one I'm thinking of in So. Cal.

Louise Gale said...

Hey there, LOVE these photos of your gorgeous family out enjoying life. Max is adorable and there's so much love there. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. :-)

Danielle said...

Your photos are beautiful, and you are spot on when you say that if you knew Max had Down syndrome while you were pregnant, you'd have had the wrong idea of what he would be like. I found out my daughter had Down syndrome the day she was born, and I'm so grateful to have her here in front of me, countering all of the negative and misinformation out there...Myrdin is an awesome kid and the joy of my world, who just happens to have Down syndrome. :-)