Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day and speech therapy update

Max and I yelling for joy on the lawn at the south pasadena library with my dad laughing with us in the background.

Grandpa Rich and Max hanging out on father's day

Max teaching Grandpa what an owl says "ooo ooo ooo"!!

Papa and Max Hanging out

Grandma DeeDee and Max having a giggle

On Father's Day my parents drove up from San Diego to visit Max.
We went to Mike and Ann's for breakfast and then strolled over to the south pasadena library and hung out under a giant tree on their lawn. It was perfection.
What was interesting was to watch Max as he was hesitant around his grandparents. He hadn't seen them since the Club 21 auction which was about a month ago. He gradually warmed up to them and the photos are at the end of our visit when he decided they were ok to hold him and play.

Max is wearing a shirt that says " Dad Rules " and Jerry is wearing a shirt I got him for Fathers day that says " Dad since 2009 ". I found it on Etsy. Everyone he walked past commented on it.

here is a link to go buy one for someone you love

Branded t-shirts

*** I forgot to mention that Max saw his speech therapist on Friday morning and she is thrilled at how well he is progressing. She suggested getting start on weekly Speech therapy which means that Max has gotten to a place where he is signing on his own and understand what he is signing enough to be teachable. He isn't just signing back what we sign. he is "talking" using his hands! HOORAY!!!!!
Regional Center doesn't approve speech therapy until 18months of age ( don't get me started ) so we are going to go ahead and pay out of pocket for the next 2 months.

For those of you with younger babies with Ds..I HIGHLY recommend getting consultations with your speech therapist as soon as you can. We started at about 5 months old and went in every couple of months to get information on what new exercises to do with him to stregnthen his oral motor skills which is SO important for speech. If children with low muscle tone don't get early intervention with speech and oral motor therapy - they can tend to have a tongue that sticks out all the time, and it's harder for them to figure out where their mouth is....because it's been explained to me that it's like they have a shot of novacain in their mouths AND the low muscle tone isn't helping.
Which is why it's hard to understand kids with Ds when they speak. They sound a bit like people who are hard of hearing who are trying to speak. I've seen amazing results with children who were able to get early intervention
and worked with people who had studied with this gal here and her website Talk Tools

We've been using her talk tools since we went to Sacramento and heard her speak at the Down Syndrome Convention when Max was 8 months old.

We just purchased the sippy cups and the chew tubes as per our speech therapists request....

Max has been biting me a lot - on my shoulders, hands, fingers, and my face. He bites so hard that it feels like he is going to take skin with him. Amy ( speech therapist ) suggested I try hard to not have a reaction and just give him a chew tube. Max needs extra sensory input with his mouth so he needs to do it - just not on ME!


justafarmer said...

this is so warm to see! thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh Goody! Pictures!
And great info for people on early intervention. I think sometimes when we "know" that something could be different and we want to "stay positive" or whatever we can tend to be frozen in a "wait and see" attitude, but really early and often when you can is best for so many things. It's a good reminder. Bummer about the out of pocket but good for you for not slacking on this.

Jen Currier said...

Great to see you and Max yesterday! Love this post and thanks for some of the links and your experience with early intervention. I feel like I got so much out of meeting the ST yesterday- finally feeling like I'm learning some things I can do as a parent even before RC kicks in!!

Tausha said...

So what kind of therapy will he be getting besides his ST that visits? How often does she visit? Our's come one a month and she has ever since Sam was 6 months. I feel like she doesn't do much though. She just asks us alot of questions and blows bubbles. It's really quite strange. Sam knows 30 signs and will talk using them and has been for quite sometime now. I just feel like our ST isn't really doing much. What do you suggest as I don't want to him to stop progressing and I would love for him to have more and better therapy if it's out there.