Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Here he is hanging out barefoot on the grass at the park while we listen to music at a summer concert.

A perfect moment.

Knowing that Max had an aversion to the feeling of grass when he was younger makes this photo even more meaningful. I used to take him to Huntington Gardens every day and slowly got him used to it.

So glad he is enjoying himself and the feeling of grass on his feet!


Some other news:

all I am thinking about in between diaper changes, feedings, playdates and park excursions is my next photography workshop.

I'm still processing the workshop in Oregon. So much was jam packed in the few days we had together - and I don't mean that we were so busy we were wiped out. I mean that it was layered. Every moment held an opportunity to get to know myself better - get to know the women better and to bring what I know and am passionate about to others in a way that worked for this particular group - which meant listening to what is going on underneath the surface. And I'm not talking about people gossiping - I'm talking about paying attention to the energy of the group and of myself and moving along with it, guiding it, adjusting to meet it. I faced a lot of internal dialogue that I wasn't expecting to deal with which has been the biggest gift of all I think because it showed me places I still have fear, doubt, insecurity etc.. You know those thoughts? The lies that want to hook your attention into believing them? Yep - they are still there. Luckily they didn't eat me alive! Although I think they tried to! We had an amazing healing exercise around the thoughts that no longer serve us ( those very ones I'm talking about here ) and we released them to the ocean in a powerful photo/ writing exercise. And you bet I was right there with everyone releasing those thoughts out to the sea. Adios amigos. You served me well. tried to keep me safe. But I have no use for you anymore! And now my word for the day is BRAVE.
( thank you Andrea Scher! ) There are so many ways that we all are brave every single day! I saw so much courage in the women who took the workshop and in myself. I acknowledge that we all took a risk to open ourselves up to be creative, be open and to explore our world from a new and different point of view. Thank you again for being there with me.

You can see the slideshow from the workshop here if you missed my blog post about it

And I'm happy to report that there is still space available for the next one and I'm happy about it because that means that YOU and YOU and YOU out there can grab your camera's and join us!!

Sept 29-Oct 3rd.

And YES - you can be a beginner photographer as long as you know how your camera works. Grab your camera and join us! It's going to be so great I cannot wait!!!!

Do you want to know more about it?

here is the link

Monterey Retreat

and yes - Max will be there to make brief appearances through out the workshop. He will be with his Papa while we gather and they will visit us to say hello during meal time. Jerry, my husband, will get a chance to share his expertise with the group as well - which is around the technical stuff,,,,lighting, composition etc.. He is also on stand by if you have any technical questions. Do you want to see his work?

Seiner Photo

He is SO talented...and I'm not just saying that because he is my husband...! He truly has an eye and heart that work so beautifully together to make gorgeous images.


I'll be sending out a new newsletter this week - so if you'd like to get news updates on what's happening with my photography business and links to other inspiring people, places and things - the time is now to sign up!

Go to my website and click on the newsletter link. easy!

and lastly - I'm completing a WONDERFUL e-course called Flying lessons by Kelly Rae Roberts which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone with a new creative business who wants the practical info on how to take it to the next level. GO check it out!

And I just started Dream Lab from the creators of Mondo Beyondo! THIS one is FUN!
I ADORE Andrea Scher and Jen Lemen.....all I can say is - SERIOUSLY NECESSARY......

oh and ok this is really the last little tid bit.... - please read this article by another inspiring human that I love Brene Brown.......

Ordinary Courage



Kimberley said...

Those little feet are just too cute!

The workshop sounds so dreamy, attending one of your workshops is on my wish list for next year. So keep doing it, please :)

I'm loving dream lab too. Oh how I've needed it.

Monica said...

Darling photo. We lived in So. Pas. for a while and LOVED Huntington Gardens. The workshop sounds amazing.

heidi said...

love this juicy post catherine....jam packed with great stuff! the workshop sounded so amazing and i love that you are conscious enough to feel what's going on beneath the surface in each moment. and we seem to be following the same stuff these days as i too love, love, love dr. brene brown! thank you for guiding me to the kelly rae ecourse too, it was great ;0) i hope we can collaborate one day soon......
thanks for everything you bring to my table!