Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm gonna get your belly!!

I'm gonna get your belly! from Catherine Just on Vimeo.

My friend Cori up in Sacramento showed a video of this same game with her son Joey and I wanted to try it out and see what happened! ( Joey was born 4 days after Max and he has an extra chromosome too ....and when Cori and I met we found out that we actually grew up a few blocks away from each other and went to the same high school! We met in Sacramento at the National Down syndrome Conference when our babies were about 5 months old. Funny how Down syndrome connected two people who lived so close and never had met until now! )

I LOVE hearing my son laugh. I may have to go in for another laugh fest later today!
hee hee hee!


Trixie said...

oh, I used to do that with my daughter at that age, and she laughed just the same way! We called it the kissing torture...glad Max is doing so well after his surgery!


Cori Sarno Villacres said...

Love it Catherine! cannot wait to see you guys again! hopefully soon!

Jen Currier said...

Music to my ears!! Your little Max lights up the room with those smiles and laughs!!!

heidi said...

wow catherine!!! your blog and website are looking so fantastic!!!!! you have clearly been working really hard at this and it's paying off! i'm so're a total pro ;0)
heidi xoxo

Tausha said...

Love the little giggle, so precious.