Wednesday, August 3, 2011

 Nap August 2nd 11:59

yes he is literally pushing his foot into my face. Actually he was doing this over and over again. After I took this photo I moved him, I'm not that into torture. But you will see over the span of the nap photos that this happens to be one of his favorite positions,,,,foot on my face.

Yesterday was a rough one. He wasn't feeling well. I'd go into it but you might be sorry I explained in detail. So we will just leave it at that.

He is feeling much better today but still not eating much if anything at all. We have him on a diet of Pedialite and anything else he will eat.

No fever so we are just letting this thing / bug work itself out. Poor fella.

 Nap August 1st 4:16pm

My parents came to visit us over the weekend. We did so much in 3 days it made all of our heads spin.
I think I might need a mini vacation in our hammock to just chill for a bit and get refreshed! I hope they come back soon! I'll post photos in the next day or two.

Right now I'm thinking about my upcoming 43rd birthday. After reading Andrea Scher's post yesterday ( her August 1st post ) I started to think about how I would want to celebrate that day and to really consider who I really am instead of doing what I think I should be doing.

I know I'm not as into having big parties as I wish I was. I much prefer taking mini travel dates - even if it's just to a part of town I've never been to, a picnic, finding a photobooth for the three of us to cram into, taking a new self portrait, going to a restaurant I've wanted to try out, or do some favorite things that remind me of my favorite people - like sip a decaf soy latte ( Amy ), Visit Manzanita, Oregon ( Amanda, Lori, Dara, and the other friends I made on my photo retreat ) or travel to Paris, France ( although I am in LOVE with the idea of actually living there for a year with my family like this girl is doing now ), a trip to Napili Bay, Maui, Hawaii to swim with the turtles, or just hang out in the backyard with my son and husband and sip lemonade and swing in the swingset with my son.......or go visit Minneapolis so I can play with my friend Amy, sip decaf latte's with her, watch sex in the city DVD's, power lounge and find a vegan cupcake and stick a candle in it.

I also like the idea of rituals, Like going to have a reading done with a psychic, or creating a wish jar and putting all of my wishes for my 43rd year on strips of decerative paper and putting them in the jar and seeing what the universe brings, or get a tattoo ( I've wanted a particular design on my arm for the past 15 years )

Do you have favorite ways you like to celebrate your birthday?

I'd love to hear your rituals - celebrations - favorite birthday memories - or what you'd like to do for your next birthday.


Sherry Smyth said...

I can't help but smile at his foot in your face as you both nap...that being matter how strange or uncomfortable!

I have never been one for ritual with birthdays and have always been about whatever seems to "fit" in the moment...I'm more like this now at this particular stage in my life than I was before. However you celebrate it will be memorable!

Kristin said...

That's how Piper sleeps - foot in my face :)

Loreni and Miles said...

I celebrate my birthday different every year. One year it might be a party, the next a dinner with my husband, the following a trip to Palm Springs. It depends on my mood that year. But I do have one ritual that I follow every year.

In the morning of my birthday, I like to spend some time alone in nature. It could be the beach, desert, woods, wherever it may be depending on time and where location. Just as long as I'm in nature. I like to meditate on the sounds around me, breath in the air and smile. I write in my journal, thinking about the previous year and how I want my next year to be. I think about my mom on the day of my birth and what that must have been for her. I thank the Universe that I am here and learning so much every year.
If I'm lucky, I can spend all day doing this, but if time doesn't permit, at least an hour will do!