Sunday, August 28, 2011

birthday wishes, a cupcake and a TWO for ONE special!

Vegan Birthday Cupcake, on my favorite plate. Yum....

First off - a treat for YOU!
I'm giving a TWO FOR ONE special for anyone who wants to take the Soul*Full eCourse. Just for today - my Birthday. So hop on over and register! Space is limited - don't miss it.
Grab a friend and split the cost of one. What a dealio!

Here is the link.

In the Paypal notes just write the name and email address of the friend you want to take the course with you. done.

Go register - then eat a cupcake - then hop back over here and read the rest of this post. k?

Did you register? ok good

Yes - today is my birthday. How am I spending it? I'm here in the house alone while the fellas head out all day so I can just "BE". I must say it's REALLY nice. I needed it. I have my favorite candle lit and my incense burning,  I spent a long time talking to my favorite friend Amy on the phone. I'm editing the interview with Miguel Ruiz today for my Soul*Full eCourse, and working on the text for the Aqua Nicaragua Soul*Full Women's retreat .
What else?

I wrote out 43 things I'd like to accomplish in my 43rd year:
  1. take photos of Max swinging in the backyard as many days as possible. ( it's his favorite thing to do right now. he signs " swing swing swing please " all day long.
  2. take Max on more mini adventures - Zoo, Red Butte Gardens, Thanksgiving Point, etc.
  3. Plant Black Eyed Susan in my yard
  4. Visit Amy in Minneapolis ( I get to do this in September HOORAY!!!! )
  5. Lay in the hammock in the backyard and read for hours and sip my favorite iced tea.
  6. Video and Audio interview 43 inspiring life leaders and post them on my blog
  7. Update / Revamp my blog ( getting started in about a month )
  8. Paint the walls in our bedroom a rich gray color to compliment the intense turquoise wall behind our bed.
  9. Visit Chings Animal Sanctuary
  10. Strip the paint off the kitchen table 
  11. Wear a dress.
  12. Get a reading with Cindy Dale
  13. Lose those last 5 points and keep them OFF
  14. Learn Wet Plate Collodion Process
  15. Print and Frame "Nap" series and have a show.
  16. Meet more artists in SLC ( take art classes here, get involved in art scene here )
  17. Visit Zion,
  18. Visit Moab
  19. Teach Soul*Full eCourse and Soul*Full Women's retreats
  20. Team up with Flora Bowley ( in the works! )
  21. Meet Susannah Conway ( in NYC in June?)
  22. Meet Andrea Scher ( In San Fran in Sept? )
  23. Meet Beth Nicholls ( in Sept in Mpls? )
  24. Create the "year 24" project - complete it by 8-18-12
  25. Get up earlier and take a walk in the morning
  26. Learn Encaustic Painting
  27. Go see a movie.... or two. 
  28. Make my favorite green tea more often
  29. Go on more dates with my husband
  30. finger paint with Max
  31. Grill outside and eat meals out back with the family
  32. Take more naps with Max
  33. Visit Park City often
  34. Be barefoot in the grass more often.
  35. Go on a picnic with my family
  36. Go to more outdoor concerts
  37. Visit the Wheeler Farm Farmer's Market on Sunday mornings
  38. Go to Alt design summit 
  39. How about a little family Hawaii? Napili Bay, Sea Turtles, perfection
  40. Focus my attention on my spiritual practice in the every day moments. Shift.
  41. Get help with Max so that I can dedicate more time to my business and artwork
  42. Less judgement and more love all around - inside and out.
  43. Be true, authentic and real. Speak from the heart. 
Can I do all of this??


Why? Because I want to!

I'm excited to get started on this years adventures. So much is already going on and so many things to be grateful for.

So I'm off to GET TO IT..

Tonight - we are grilling dinner outback and hanging in the hammock and pushing Max in the swing. I say it's a perfect way to celebrate. I used to try to have big parties but felt overwhelmed and stressed out - didn't really get to connect with anyone at the party and felt exhausted after wards. I'm learning to be true to who I am and do things that fill me up rather than make me feel dizzy.

Do you remember a favorite birthday?? Share it with me here. I would love to hear what made it special.




Steph said...

Happy Birthday! I love your list.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! That is quite a list. If you accomplish even half of the list, you will have a very, busy year.

Clairity said...

Happy Birthday Catherine!
So much love to you on this special day. Love your list so much.

Kristin said...

happy birthday - so need to join you on #2 :)

Elisse said...

Happy birthday and hello from a new follower! Too bad it's too late for me to take advantage of this special gift to add a plus 1 and join your Soul-Full course!

Wishing you a sparkling year ahead - I look forward to reading your blog!

kathy capps said...

My 30th birthday was a surprise - going to half moon bay supposedly to dinner at a restaurant and then finding good friends and family on the beach to spend a late afternoon. I don't remember the food but I do remember throwing the football, sitting around chatting, soaking up the scene and seeing my first live gray whales swimming out on the horizon. Happily seared in my memory for a lifetime. That was 11 years ago! Much has changed since and I welcome it openly!