Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Summer of Naps!

The last nap photo I posted here was August 3rd! I need to catch up! here are the rest of the August Nap photos. Looking over these just makes my heart sing. I LOVE how he cuddles with me. Thankful for the iPhone and how easy it is to take these shots right when he falls asleep without moving much on my part. Just closing my eyes and snapping the pic. I wonder how long Max will take these afternoon naps before he decides that staying up all day long is more fun. I take these nap photos because I know this time will end and naps will be a thing of the past. I will miss the cuddling. I will miss the sweetness. I will miss the big chunk of afternoon time to cuddle. I will miss how little he is and I want to document such a sweet time in his life and in my life....ok Max is letting me know that he wants to go swing in the backyard ( using his sign language ) so I must post these quick and get back to mamahood! here you go.....

 August 4th, 1:02pm
 August 5th, 1:40pm
 August 8th, 12:37pm
 August 9th, 1:57pm
 August 9th, 1:57pm
 August 9th 1:57pm
 August 11th, 2:38
 August 12th, 3:22pm
 August 12th, 3:24pm
 August 12th, 4:09pm

 August 16th, 3:29pm
 August 17th, 12:25pm
 August 18th, 11:19am my sobriety date - look at the gifts Sobriety gives to me! M.A.X !!!!
 August 18th, 11:21am
 August 19th, 11:18am
 August 20th, 11:33am after his swim lesson at Cottonwood Heights Rec Center.
 August 22nd, 1:25pm after his first Dentist appointment
 August 23rd, 12:01pm after our first playgroup at our house. It was hard for him. Too much noise.
 August 24th, 12:00noon last day of Summer music class
 August 25th, 11:00am
 August 26th, 11:46am
 August 29th, 11:46am
 August 30th, 12:11pm, after a wagon ride at Wheeler Farm
August 31st, 12:40pm after a trip to the Discovery Center

Looking forward to September naps - when the temp cools down and I can open the window and let the breeze roll in. I LOVE naps with windows open and my baby cuddling!
Happy day everyone...I'm off to push Max in his swing.


Rebecca said...

These are so beautiful. I love when they have at least one hand caressing your face. There's something so precious about those peaceful nap moments. The feet in the face ones are funny- my boys don't have chubby feet anymore and more often than not I get whacked!

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Catherine, these photos are soo beautiful and they make me smile! Both of you are soo adorable. :) I love and adore nap moments too! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

d. said...

i am so in love with these pictures! beautiful!
much love, d.