Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Minneapolis - Day 1

Me and Amy Friday Sept 16th - My first day in Minneapolis. I visited with Amy for a while and we headed out for lunch at one of our favorite places called Birchwood Cafe! GO THERE if you live in Mpls. You will not be disappointed.

That night I was off to the Self Revealed Art Opening. Curated by the incredible Doug Beasley. It was like coming home for me. Seeing people I haven't seen in years, being in a city I lived in for 8 years. It just felt like.....ME. Like the "me" that is rooted in creativity and personal growth. It all started in Minneapolis.
 A few photos with Doug - Above being corny! And there we are with Tom BeBiaso, who is Amy's step dad, but also was the Media Arts Chair at MCAD when I went to school there. I adore him. I was touched he and his wife Laura ( Amy's mom ) stopped by.
 Doug and Donna - I just met Donna at the opening. She is beautiful isn't she?
 Who is this with Doug? I don't know - but when I saw his face - I thought - " I need a photograph of HIM" I think he is beautiful.

 I met this gorgeous gal at the opening. She had a photograph in the show as well. We had a lot to talk about and lots in common. SO great to meet kindred spirits.
 There's my photograph called "Nest". It was amazing to see it up. My photograph was hung right next to one of my favorite photographers Linda Rossi. In College she was my photo one instructor. I wanted to BE HER when I grew up. And here I am having my photograph up next to hers. It was incredible for me on many levels. I was honored.
 PAT! We haven't seen each other since 1994 ( we are guessing ). Somewhere in the mid 90's. It felt like no time had passed. We talked for hours. After the opening we stood outside and talked even more. He was one of my very first friends when I moved to Minneapolis. He actually has a very large version of the "nest" photo in his house from way back then. I got to meet his lovely wife Ellen at the opening
 Here we are together. They have 2 children together. I've seen them on Facebook, but next time I'm in town I plan on meeting them. Dear souls these two humans are. So GRATEFUL I was able to see them on this trip.
 Some of the photographs in the show.
 ok That large self portrait doesn't look right in this photo - I mean what I did to it in instragram makes it look blown out on his forehead and it doesn't look like that in real life. You must go see this show. The art is incredible.
Clearly Doug has a few friends! This opening was PACKED the entire evening. After the opening a handful of us joined Doug for dinner. It was so nice to just sit and get to know more about his friends. The trip was so fast - I was there Friday - Sunday - that I didn't get another chance to see Doug. So many reasons to head back there - SOON! I so love it. The rich culture, the creativity - so much to see and do there. People that I feel so deeply connected with. I miss it. I don't miss the freezing cold Winters and the humid Summers...but I miss the warm souls that make me feel like I am home.

I'll post day 2 tomorrow......

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