Thursday, September 22, 2011

Minneapolis Day 2

Day 2 in Minneapolis - Power lounging with Amy - we watched 1/2 of the Sex in the City movie ( the first one ) with a giant bowl of popcorn covered in earth balance and sea salt. I couldn't stop eating it. Vera - Joined us and I couldn't help but play around with my iPhone and some goofy portraits. Then Sean, Amy's husband got in on it. It was pretty hilarious actually.

In the afternoon Amy and I went to the Creative Connection to go to a Panel that was moderated by Beth Nicholls. And Kelly Rae Roberts was on the panel! HAD TO GO! I took Beth Nicholls Do What You Love eCourse and it was incredible. I interviewed her for my Soul*Full eCourse. She was so fun to talk with, but meeting her in person. I was over the moon. She lives in the UK so the chance to meet her was really unique. And Kelly Rae! Are you kidding? I'm a huge fan. I took her flying lessons eCourse, and own a few of her things in my home.

Kelly Rae Roberts

Beth Nicholls
And - we had no idea that Curly Girl was going to be on the panel! But she is one of Amy's all time favorites as well! YAY! What a great surprise.

AMy's husband Sean taught me about 2 apps for my iPhone that I didn't know existed. One is called DerManDar - and creates panoramics like this one above that I took sitting at the table at their house. The other one is called Camera +. Both I used for the photos on this blog post. They are incredible. Check them out.

What a great day it was!! Loved hanging out with Amy - we often kid each other on the phone for the other one to "GET OVER HERE" and we come up with dream plans if we could see each other. One of course is to just lay in bed and watch movies so it was great to actualize it. The weather was cold and rainy so it made it even more perfect for that kind of lounging. And going to the Creative Connection was over the top mainly because I had no clue it was happening the same weekend I just happen to be in town - so you can imagine my thrill when I found out!! Amy is the only friend really that would want to go to something like that with me so it was icing on the cake to have her there when I went up to introduce myself to Kelly Rae and Beth Nicholls.

Tomorrow - the final post of my Minneapolis adventure. Stay tuned - you really won't believe what happened on the third day!


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