Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Minneapolis - Day 3 and then we are off to Santa Rosa!

 On the third day in Minneapolis - they took me to Izzy's Ice Cream. I decided to eat everything I normally don't eat - and this day was no exception. I normally refrain from wheat, dairy and sugar....however I must admit that the latte ice cream was worth it. And on top I had a taste of chai ice cream. Um...holy dairy and sugar products! That was tasty. And I ate it in a waffle cone. Yes. Indulged.
 Just before I headed to the airport - Amy and I took her two kids across the street to a Buddhist temple. They were having a day of healing and meditation. When we walked in we couldn't believe it. On the outside - it just looks like another house on the block. then you step inside and BAM! High ceilings and a large room filled with GORGEOUS Statues and Relics.
 The Man Sitting in the chair is a Monk who left Tibet with the Dalai Lama. He was offering blessings or healings ( not sure what they call them ) so we went - and I must say when I sat in front of him and he placed his hands on my head - I actually felt the energy. It vibrated and was so clearly healing energy. I have only felt that one other time and that's with Miguel Ruiz. It was so incredible.
 There's Iris and Vera getting their turn.

 And Amy. And while we were having this experience with the Monk...My husband and Max were having a totally different kind of experience but by the looks of it - it produced a similar effect!
 They were at the Utah State Fair ! This was on the Merry Go Round. weeeeee!!!!!
 So - I hate to fly. I get all sorts of uncomfortable when the plane has ANY turbulence whatsoever. And this gal sitting next to me held my hand and we both helped each other through any bumps along the way. SO sweet of her. We talked the entire way home, Exchanged facebook info and e-mails. A new friend in Utah.
My first morning home I took this panoramic with an app called DarManDar on my iPhone. I love it. Thanks to Amy's husband for telling me about it! This is what I see every morning when I feel Max his breakfast. I love our open floor plan and all that light coming in. And I love being back with my family!
My first day home was so fun just getting back to simple abundance of the everyday moments. Sitting out on our driveway while Max plays with his car. Seems so perfect. And I miss Amy. I miss her all the time. I've missed her since our days back in Minneapolis when we lived together and she decided to move to San Francisco. We've never lived int he same city at the same time again. I cannot wait to go back to Minneapolis again to see her and her family. I love all of them.

I got back on Sunday night - and then on Friday we all packed up and went to Santa Rosa, California for my cousin Andy's wedding. I'll post those photos soon!

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Amy Meszaros said...

Wow! Thanks for an amazing weekend. And thanks for capturing all the splendor on your blog. Brought tears to my eyes! I miss you! I love you!!!!! XOXOXXXXX