Monday, September 12, 2011

Buddy Walk and Hebrew School!

This weekend was the Utah State Buddy Walk. It was incredible. Not only because the event was really geared toward the kids and there were a lot of things for the kids to do. ie: a train ride, a bouncy thing, lots of booths with games like at a fairground, and then........there's RACHEL COLEMAN and SIGNING TIME! We got there early - because Rachel Coleman has a facebook page and we were talking back and forth about her schedule. We joined her Signing Time team, and knew she was going to be there at 9am for her sound check. Jerry and I felt like this was the most important day in Max's life! He LOVES her. He watches her dvd's every day several times a day and when he wakes up crying at night - guess what soothes him?? Signing Time Dvd's. During this photo above we had JUST met her and Max was like "WHAT????" " HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE"! "I DON'T GET IT!!!" But when she started her performance on stage - we made sure to be right in front and he flipped out! He was so happy. Here is the first video I took when she started to sing. He is actually signing to almost all of it. When you see him moving his middle finger back and forth, that's his sign for "play". I love that he has his arm up in the air like we would at a concert! It's partly his sign for rainbow - but I think also his excitement at seeing his favorite human. I should say favorite humans because her daughter Leah was there and her nephew Alex was as well. Incredible. Jerry and I were emotional. On top of that we got to see lots of our friends from the Down syndrome community who I am so fond of. Kristin, Kecia, Jodi, Darla, Heather, Brooke, Phil and all of their kids! Do I have photos of them? ummmmm......( this photographer is sad to say that NO I don't. ) I do have one photo of Max and his friend Max right before the actual walk started but then we had to download all of the photos off of my iphone and poof. gone. so lets' just pretend I didn't totally blow it at the buddy walk and move right along...... the next day was his first day of Hebrew School at the Jewish Temple near us. YES there are Jews that live in Salt Lake City. Lots of them. There are several Jewish Temples in town and one in Park City. The first day was a celebration of Noah's ark, they dressed up in costume, and brought in real a CAMEL. BEST day of Hebrew School I have ever seen in my life. Camel Petting zoo Max is the youngest in the class. They don't care if he wanders and guess what? Max doesn't sit still. Ever. He was walking all over the school/Temple. The gal who suggested we sign up told us that they brought their daughter early and it took her being in the same class for two years to get comfortable with the idea of school, sitting still, being involved etc. So that's probably what we are going to do. I must admit - I'm not used to hearing the word "LORD" sung in Hebrew School, but whatever. I really like the Temple. It's very warm, inviting, pretty, and I enjoy who've we've met there. I plan to take adult classes there. I want to learn Hebrew. Jerry and I feel a little bit different this morning. Lots happened over the weekend that was what I would consider epic. Rachel Coleman? A Camel? Hebrew songs? Oh and we ran into Greg Kogan. The friend of ours who has Ds who is a certified preschool assistant - he works at the Hebrew School. So great to have that connection and see him in action.

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Happy Monday! xo *c


Kristin said...

Love that they had all those animals at school - so cool!

Clairity said...

OMG!! How cool is all that!?

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog so much. You are such wonderful parents to Max. He is one lucky little boy who will grow up with an awareness of who he is and the world around him.

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