Thursday, September 8, 2011

don Jose Ruiz

 On August 30th, my friend Jose Ruiz was in town giving a lecture and booksigning. I was so excited to see him and hear him speak. When I got there I noticed this poster. The photo of Jose on the poster is one that I took of him! It made my heart flip a bit to see it.
Here I am with Jose - doing my best to take a photo of the two of us with my iphone. 
 I asked him to sign two of his books for me so that I can give one away here on my blog in a giveaway day! Stay tuned for that one....The Fifth Agreement is a GREAT book if you haven't already read it.
Here he is with his lovely Tammy. She helped run the event and made it all go smoothly.
I'm scheduling a video interview with Jose in the next few weeks. I'm really excited to sit down and chat and ask him some questions. He was such a great speaker - and had a brilliant message that was entirely his, and not just a bi-product of his father's message. Most of you know that Miguel Ruiz was my Spiritual teacher for many years - and his son Jose was a friend of mine during that time. Jose has really come into his own power. It's incredible to witness the transformation. I hope you all get a chance to hear him speak and read his book. I asked if he would start a group here in Utah and he says he is considering it next year. Oh I do hope that happens!

Miguel Ruiz was kind enough to do a video interview with me  for my upcoming Soul*Full eCourse and I plan to incorporate Jose's interview into the next session.

Space is filling up for the eCourse and I'm so excited about who is signing up! Lots of people I already know and some I cannot wait to meet!!!

My son Max has never really seen his mama so focused on her own creative pursuits.

Creating this eCourse has felt very similar to creating a new body of work. I feel wired, excited, obsessed, focused and a bit high off of it!My son probably thinks I'm a nut! I bought an art easel at Ikea so that we could start painting, drawing and using chalk together. So far all he wants to do is throw the chalk after I write "I Love Max" on the chalk board. I guess we all have different ways to express ourselves right?


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