Monday, September 19, 2011

SO much to tell you from my trip to Minneapolis. And SO many photos! I got home around midnight last night and have been on my full time Mama duty ever since. The best I've done today is actually unpack everything and put it away or toss into the laundry basket - which usually NEVER happens. I leave it in the luggage for DAYS. Hey... a girl can change!
Until I get a moment to download the photos to post them for you - I'd love to share something I just found out about.

It's called The Salty Streets Flea Market. HOORAY! I'm so excited to find out about this. And yesiree you can bet you will find me there.

I'm on a mission to find more of "my people" here. Going back to Minneapolis reminded me of the amazing friends I have there who are all creative, introspective, groovy, against the grain, intellectual, highly crafty and talented, spiritually minded, or fabulously rebellious in a not so harmful way, etc etc. I actually NEED that. I need my tribe. I actually have an amazing tribe already established here in AA and also in the Down syndrome community and I am so grateful for them! Hello Friends! - and now I need to find my creative tribe. Hello? Salt Lake City? Where are you??
So I'm snooping around online - looking at the art classes in town, The printmaking and photography courses, galleries, communities that I can plug into.

If you know of what I speak - Please comment below and send links!

A re-cap of the big Minneapolis Adventure will come soon!

And YES I met Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls ! And YES I had a Buddhist scarf blessed by a monk who left Tibet with the Dalai Lama......curious for more??? Stay Tuned!


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