Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let Go!

the Soul*Full eCourse is in it's 4th week right now. 

I'm soaking in all the deliciousness of the content and discussions from the participants.

I'm touched by the feedback I am already receiving about it:

” I wanted to make sure you know how great your eCourse is. Your content is interesting, thought provoking and nurturing….thank you thank you thank you!” – Heidi Buecking

"Dear Catherine, You inspire us/ me so much with the eCourse. I am so thankfull I am participating in it. The pure and natural way you share what you are and believe in is really enriching."xoxo Anky

I am still soaking that in!  
This week we are hunting for our Power Objects. 

What is a power object?

It's something - that when you see it - it reminds you of who you really are. It has a message for you. It calls to you.

Some people find heart shaped rocks
others find messages written on windows or license plates

When I took my son Max out to swing in our backyard  yesterday and he opened up his arms and closed his eyes and smiled big - I knew that this was the "power sign" or "power object". 
The ease he had letting go.
The joy he expressed so openly and freely
Taking it all in and being present for it.

All a big message for me.

"Let Go!"

It's so easy for me to see all the areas in my life where I need to practice letting go. There's a little voice in my head - who sounds like a 5 year old who says " I don't wanna wait! " " I want it NOW ". I call her my inner Veruca Salt. Remember her from Willy Wonka? Yea - She lives in my head. If I act on what my inner Veruca says - I am all sorts of controlling and trying to push things the way I want them. But if I Let Go and Trust that the universe supports me - My life feels so much more free. Like Max in the swing. 

What Power Signs or Power Objects have you seen this week? What was their message to you? Do you have an inner Veruca Salt? What does she say to you?

*And don't fret - If you want to join in on the Soul*Full eCourse - there's a new session starting January 16th! Here is the link to register.



jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Catherine, your ecourse sounds really awesome! So glad you and everyone else are havinbg a blast and very inspiring time! Letting go is not easy and it takes very true. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Gerri said...

What a joy filled shot. I just LOVE it!