Sunday, September 7, 2008

i love this sling thing

don't you?

I love things that are embroidered.

Love them.

This pretty little thing is $195.00

I may have to dream about this instead of having one.

yesterday i found out that my friend Katye ( pronounced Katie ) is pregnant too. She is about 3 weeks behind me. She lives up in Portland and she is visiting us next weekend with her husband Brandon. The two of them aren't telling anyone ( not even their families ) until week 14. I sniffed it out. Something Brandon said in an e-mail tipped me off and I said something to him and he had to admit it! Too funny.
So next weekend we will get to experience 2 pregnant gals with one bathroom. I pee about 4-5 times a night. I wonder if there will be a line outside our bathroom at night!

yesterday jerry and I bought new dressers at Ikea. We are getting rid of the antique things we have been using. I love the look of them but they smell of must and mold or something like it. Especially Jerry's piece of furniture. I hate sleeping in a room near something that smells of must and mold. I don't think it's good for either of us or the baby down deep in my belly.

I'll be washing all of the clothing that was in the old dressers while Jerry builds the new stuff.

Slowly we are getting rid of all the old, dirty, musty, stinky, ugly stuff and replacing it with new, clean, fresh smelling pretty stuff. YAY!

Tomorrow is the beginning of week 15. Our baby is the size of an apple and my belly is the size of a cantaloupe.

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