Sunday, September 21, 2008

a turnip?

our little one is the size and weight of a turnip this next week.

I think the following week it's the size of a large TOMATO!

in just 9 days we go in for another ultrasound. This one is the one where we may be able to see the sex of the baby. It depends on if he or she is facing the right way and isn't crossing his or her legs. I still have a feeling it's a boy.

Do you have a feeling about it?

Today Jerry went to the LA county fair to take more fair ride photos. I am home doing laundry, dishes, and watching the emmys. A day of power lounging. Yesterday was a pretty busy day and I am wiped out today. Not in a bad way - but in a - not changing out of my pajamas way.

I'm experiencing more heart burn and acid reflux then I've ever in my life. I'd explain it in more detail but it might make you nauseated. It's seriously gross and intense. Like mini vomiting... burning, and disgusting. ok - i said I wasn't going to tell you - but it's hard not to when it's that gross. I have rolaids near the bed. I NEED them let me tell you.

It's been fun to show more when i am out and about. Jerry and I went to Baby Gap yesterday where they have a maternity clothing section in the back. I found a great long sweater and a really nice top. Glad Amy told me about the Gap I had NO idea that they had maternity clothing...why would I?

Not much more to report. I'll post the 17 week developments tomorrow.

more baby names are on the list now but I think it will be easier once we know if it's a boy or girl. we can concentrate our efforts.

Oh great - Acid reflux coming on...gotta go get the rolaids!


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