Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Max is in a film!

This film was made for Club 21 where we have gone since Max was
just 7 weeks old. It's a learning and resource center in Pasadena
for children with Down syndrome and their families.
We go every Friday to first steps, open play where kids his age
can play and the parents can learn from each other and make

One of the most important things for me in the first months with
Max was to walk into Club 21 and not have to explain anything.
Everyone there understood Max and Down syndrome and had
similar experiences that I did. That was so necessary for me and
still is. the mothers who help run the open play have older children
so they could provide me with information, experiences and
resources that I wouldn't have known otherwise.

I cannot say enough about how important the women are who
put Club 21 together. Most of them are in this film. I didn't know
I was going to be interviewed that day! But I knew Max would
make an appearance or two. He is the first photo you see when
the film starts - that black and white photo of a baby is Max, and
there are MANY others of him and us throughout the film. I am
touched to have even a moment to share how amazing
Max is. And I am thrilled that this film was made to honor
what Club 21 is and has become for so many children and families.

What is amazing to me in this film is the shared story we all have of
learning that our newborn baby has Down syndrome. The thoughts
we had about what that meant and how misinformed we all were.
And how proud and honored we are to have these children in our lives.

Tracy Webb and Matt Webb ( not related ) did an incredible job putting this film

If you'd like to see the movie in a larger format you can click here


Amy Meszaros said...


Louise Gale said...

Oh Catherine, this is such a wonderful movie. Amazing children and an amazing community. Such wonderful stories and photos. Thanks so much for sharing. xx

sara p said...

your so lucky to be able to offer so many great opportunities for your little max:) what a great program!

Brienne said...

Beautiful! I was tearing up with happiness watching such a moving and inspiring film. I am so glad you have such a wonderful resource in your life!

Anonymous said...

What a super film, Catherine, and a super resource.

Big hugs to you all, Mariellen

Emily said...

This left me in tears. You are so fortunate to have a group like this! I am inspired, and would love to learn more and get in touch with the founders. Does Club 21 have a web site? Thanks!

Jill said...

what a fabulous organization you're a part of! you can feel the energy and passion from all of you. and those smiling faces - so sweet! thanks for sharing. . .

earthmonkey said...

oh wow. what can i say! this was so moving. moved me to tears! thx for sharing.

The Sanchez Family said...

WOW! I love this!!! Oh I wish we had something like that here in Nor Cal! And...OF COURSE you can be a part of our Sisterhood :)!!! But it looks like you already have one down in the LA area :)

Monica said...

How wonderful. I could see something like that here. We have an amazing support group. Looks like you've already been invited to join us ;-) Thank you for sharing.