Friday, April 16, 2010

Why I loved this week...

Here is Theo. As you can see - he is an old soul. I could look at him all day and feel as though he would at some point turn to me and give me some secrets of the world, or at least my horoscope. He seems wise beyond his years. Max loves to try to eat his face or at least lick his cheek. I love his mama Ruth and adore baby Theo. So glad we could see them this week.

There's Max thrilled to be with Ruth and Theo. And look at Theo - would ya? That face. Man is he gorgeous. ( and yes Max is too of course! )
I love how Ruth is looking at Max. I can tell she loves him. And I love that.
This week my friend Juli and I were finally able to meet with our kids at Huntington Gardens.
I met her at Club 21 when our boys were about 6 months old (?) and we hit it off instantly. Brady and Max are 3 weeks apart and both have Down syndrome. I always say that Brady is Max's best friend. But I also say that Max's favorite color is orange and that he prefers his hair long. I can't wait to hear what he has to say about all of these decisions I've made for him. But I am certain that Brady and Max will be friends for a long long time. We are bummed that we live so far away and they won't be going to school together...

We live about 40 minutes away from each other and so it's SUCH a treat that we found a day when all of the boys were well and we were able to fit it into our schedules
We introduced Brandon and Brady to the Childrens Garden. Brandon Loved the water features there and the tunnel! Brady and Max sat on the grass together and then lost it and I have it on video but - as usual - haven't carved out time to download it to the computer.....maybe this weekend??
There's Brandon on the left looking up and me and Brady is passed out!
And my gorgeous little Max passed out after a fun day with his buddies.

Such a great week!

Max started clapping with his hands together on Monday and he is taking more steps and so determined about it. the clapping happens every time I say "YAY!!!" or "ALL DONE!" or if we sing the clapping song from our Music class. It's really cool. I love it.
This weekend Jerry and Max are going to Club 21 for a conference and I am taking an art class.
we're heading to a birthday party, a softball game to cheer on a friend, and to have lunch with friends. Phew! Life is wonderful - full - and I haven't even started to fill you in on what's happening with my photography business - and a LOT is happening.

more on that soon.


all photos were taking with my iphone with the hipstamatic application. They aren't great any larger that you see on your screen - but I do love the effect.


To Love Endlessly said...

the pictures turned out great! It sounds like you had such a nice week visiting with friends. Those moments are so worth a break from the routine of appointments and just life. :-)

Tausha said...

So glad you found our blog. I look forward to following yours. Beautiful pictures and your little guy is precious!!

Hua said...
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