Wednesday, April 21, 2010

some photography news

Just a little photography news....

Sept 29th - Oct. 3rd I'll be leading a photography retreat in the Monterey Peninsula.
I cannot WAIT!
It's such a stunning part of the world.
We will be staying at Asilomar and will have our very own private building to stay in with our own common area with a fireplace and cozy feel.

The focus of the workshop is merging spiritual practice with photography. Meditation, journaling, photo exercises, discussion and exploring the area. All levels of photography experience are welcome.

There is so much to share about this workshop - but it's all posted on the workshop website so here is the LINK for more info....COME JOIN US!!!

I'm excited to be planning these workshops with my family in mind. I only want to go to places that I can bring my husband and son Max. They will explore the area on their own during the workshop hours and I will get to be with them in the evenings. It's the best of all worlds. Family, creativity, community, travel and love. Plus the added bonus of Jerry helping with any technical issues anyone has with their cameras - as I am not always savvy in that arena. Good thing I married a photographer! We make a great team!

If you are interested - sign up soon as we are wanting to have a small group and it will fill up fast! The workshop is only $385 plus your accommodations. The accommodations include 3 meals per day. It's an amazing price for a spectacular retreat.

The other news?
I had the privilege of photographing Miguel Ruiz - Author of the Four Agreements. He was my spiritual teacher for a long time and it was so great to see him again. I of course brought my husband and baby Max with me to the photo session. It was great to have it be more than just work.

The outcome of the photo session? A photo of mine was published on with an article Miguel wrote.

Don't you want to see it??

In Max news - yesterday I took him to his first swimming lesson. We were so late we only got 5 minutes in the pool - but it's very obvious that Max loves the water. It's hard to figure out how to take photos of him in the water - since I am in the water with him - but I plan to get some underwater disposable cameras like we had on our honeymoon in Maui - and try to get a few of these first lessons in the pool. The goal of the class is to teach him to put his face in the water - how to blow bubbles - how to kick - and just basically have fun and get used to being in the water. I don't think he is going to have a hard time - but I have been very nervous about it all.
I'll post back with photos next time and report how it goes. I plan to keep going regularly as I know repetition is key with children who have Down syndrome.

ok I'm off to go hang out with my little tomato......



Anonymous said...

Love the new ad and can't wait to see photos of Max swimming :-)

CP said...

Love the new ad and can't wait to see photos of Max swimming :-)

Miriam Daniel said...

I'm so excited for all your retreat abundance. I love that Max is going swimming. Sam has gone to swimming class for about 6 months with his dad, and they both LLLOOOVVVVVEEEE it! He sometimes thinks he can swim in the bathtub--this makes me very nervous. I hope your and Max enjoy it this much--or more!

heidi buecking said...

your retreats sound amazing...i'll just have to be a part of one of them one day SOON!
and congrats on having a photo on the oprah site!!! the photo of mr. ruiz is wonderful. your such a talent!
heidi xo