Sunday, April 10, 2011

WOW! thank you Kristin!

wow! It's working! I'm learning from my friend Kristin how to make my images larger on my blog...
how about some more.....( and that's my papa from his recent trip to visit us last weekend - handsome yes?! )

 my parents from last weekend. We had a lot of fun. We visiting the house we are buying and my mom measured the entire house and is making us some architectural plans so we have an idea of where to put things and how large or small things need to be - THANK YOU MAMA!
 While my mom was doing all the measuring, Max and my papa watching Signing Time together.
 One of Max's favorite toys. Oh I so love my 50 lens at 1.8. Yep photo geek.
 We wait too long in between haircuts and now you know why. He is completely traumatized. Screams the entire time and we have to hold him steady because he is strong and wants to pull himself away. Grandma Marty was there and she was in complete shock because she's never heard Max cry! She thought Max was just always happy. Well - no and here is the proof. Not happy. at. all. I HATE watching him scream and cry like this. It rips my heart out. I get pissy, controlling ( ok MORE controlling ) and my heart races. This was the BEST haircut he's had ever. Thank goodness for a patient gal who knows how to keep on cutting and get it RIGHT. He usually ends up with a crooked haircut from all the squirming and screaming.
 Phew - back to our happy little fella with less hair in the eyes.
 Playing with his camera toy while his cousin Stephen and his Grandpa hang out with him at the new house.
 Yep - me and my mama. I think this was taken at Oasis Cafe which is one of my favorite places to go in Salt Lake City. My mom and I sort of went CRAZY and ate everything in sight all weekend. One thing I highly recommend while eating all the bad foods on the menu....try this "pancake". You won't be dissappointed but you won't be able to put on your skinny jeans the next day. swe all shared it and still felt like we gained a thousand pounds. We also went to Eggs in the City which we all REALLY liked a lot, Z Tejas  BEST guacamole I've had in Salt Lake City. The one where they make it at the table for you. Ohhhh yes. Rumbi Grill had great fish tacos, and Finns ohhh the omelet with baby shrimp, capers and havarti cheese.... We met with Jerry's family at Tres Hombres, my parents really liked the shrimp fajitas. And we also went to one of my regular places ( I go here once a week! ) Vertical Diner. Thank God for their Taco Salad!....SO much food. They came to visit Max and instead got a tour of all of our favorite restaurants. Well Max was with us. We just haven't really been into using the kitchen much at the condo we are subletting. It's small, we don't have our kitchen supplies here and well....Max is still at an age where we can take him with us without it causing a loud, screaming, running around the place scene.
 Kristin's son Max turned TWO last week and we went along with them to celebrate at Wheeler Farm. Here are a few photos. That's her daughter Piper with the fellas. She is GREAT! She loves my Max. And I love HER!
 Piper and Max - looks like they are screaming at each other.

Everyone is feeding the ducks, and Max is looking at the other geese and ducks walking past them

And of course - some total Cuteness. He loves to watch his shadow and he looks down a lot while he is walking. He he still holds his hands up like that to help him with his balance. He is wearing that Superman shirt he wore on the day of his eye surgery. That feels so long ago. I love this scenery in Salt Lake City. I am LOVING the friends I am meeting here, the AA meetings are GREAT here, The Down syndrome community is so warm and inviting, the city is easy to navigate and and well you can see these mountains as they surround the city. It's incredible. I haven't even started to dive into the photo community or art scene here yet. I'm too busy figuring out these other interests right now and finding Max's therapists and well, buying a HOUSE! that's still moving forward and we are so excited.


Anonymous said...

What a great catch up post!
I'm so, so glad you are enjoying yourself there. Once we are (hopefully) off this GF/CF diet trial, maybe we'll visit and EAT everything!!!
I love having mountains around me like that. It feels safe and like I know what my boundaries are so I can be free to explore.
GREAT haircut Max. Lev was like that too, it gets better or they just get used to hair in the eyes. Heh. Lev looks like a 70's kid now with his long hair and his retro clothes.
Love that Max has a camera toy. So dang cute camera family.

Kristin said...

Yay - love the big pictures. Thanks to Amy (Frankie's mom) for the tip at Mom's Night Out.

Brooke said...

His new haicut is the cutest! He has fabulous hair :) The picture of him running down the road with the mountains is so gorgeous ~ I imagine him growing up with a great love of the outdoors, and all that fresh air must be the best. I'm glad to hear everything seems to be turning out so well and look forward to seeing more pics of the house!