Thursday, March 31, 2011


The paperwork is all signed and in and the house is now looking like it's OURS!
Of course we still have an inspection to do - and all that other stuff that goes with buying a house. You know - like testing for lead paint and radon gas - and um......looking for cute bird feeders for the backyard ( hee heee heee )
ok - I can't really do that until May 11th. That's the closing date. That's when we will REALLY know that the house is REALLY ours. They will give us the KEYS!!!

But this first stage was really nerve wracking - just finding out if WE were the ones or if someone else would get an offer in before us - or if we could get all of our "ducks" in a row for the sellers in time to meet their deadlines. Phew.

This weekend my parents are coming for their first visit to Salt Lake City! I'm SO excited to see them again and I know they are thrilled to get an opportunity to see Max again. Maybe my dad and Max will go on a walk together while they are here - like they did when dad was recovering from his heart surgery. I'm excited to show them around - take them to our favorite restaurants and we scheduled another walk through of the house while they are here so they can get a look at it as well. We are bringing our tape measure to make sure any furniture we find will FIT and it comes in handy that my mom was an award winning interior designer ( before hanging up her wallpaper samples to become a marriage and family counselor ). I just LOVE that way the current owners have it decorated and I love their furniture choices - so I am going to take TONS of photos so we can look for similar things.

Thank you to everyone for crossing your fingers and toes for so long! I know how difficult it was to get things done when your feet and hands are all twisted up like that. You can release them now! IT WORKED!!!!

In other news - Max started his Music Together class yesterday. It's the 4th time we've taken it - but first time in Salt Lake City - and Grandma Marty came along with us. It took Max a little while to get used to the new crowd but by the end he was doing his usual walking around the circle and finding the mirror so he could entertain himself in it. Marty took some video that I will try to post's after music class and Max sat down with the other kids to try to play the instrument. He's the one facing away from us with the brown pants and white socks on. Next time I'll bring my video camera too so we can do double duty!

watching the music teacher play her instrument - what is that thing called?

not wanting to leave class


Suzie said...

Congratulations! Cottonwood Heights is a very nice area!

Anonymous said...

So excited for you.
looks like room to visit too, eh? "wink"

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and your family! I always ready your blog and so enjoy your pictures and sharing your life with Max. You are truly an inspiration.

Kristin said...

Yay! Finally! Playdate at your house in June ;)