Tuesday, March 22, 2011

House in Cottonwood Heights...an update (!!!!)

I couldn't resist posting this photo that Jerry took of us last night before sleepy time. This is what it always looks like when it's time to go to bed. Lots of snuggling and sweetness. oh he is delicious!!

AND ....OK! Here are the photos of the house! And the reason I am sharing all of them with you is because the sellers came back with a counter offer today! So - we are MOVING FORWARD!
ohhhhhhh how we love this house! They didn't even take photos of the 3 other bedrooms. This house is really amazing. I think I'm dreaming. Of course we are at the very beginning of this process so anything can happen between here and the closing dates and I will keep you all posted as we go along. But right now we were thrilled to know that no one else got a bid in before us and that the counter offer is workable.

and tonight is DATE night ! It's a great day in Salt Lake City !


Kristin said...

It looks wonderful - good luck!!!

Marianne said...

I can feel your happiness. How exciting.

ParkerMama said...

You are right that is a great house!

We are in Highland in Utah County. :D

Tammy and Parker

Jen Currier said...

The digs look good- keeping my fingers crossed that this is the ONE!!

Angela said...

Happy for you! What a beautiful home and scenery! Continued Blessings! Love, Angela