Tuesday, March 29, 2011

yep....a delay

Book time with papa - just before bed time
evidence of Spring.

Ok - So everyone has been crossing their fingers and toes and Monday was suppose to be the day we got the final Acceptance letter from the sellers. Everything is in place. They had already accepted our counter offer and everyone had the paperwork that they needed to move forward....

But Monday came - and we didn't hear a peep. Until 5pm when we found out that someone on the financial end of it never returned a phone call to the sellers so they couldn't do anything until that happened.


So this morning we are getting that phone call to happen, making sure our ducks are all in a row before the end of the day today so that the Sellers have nothing else to do but to SIGN and Send it back to us.

I've never purchased a house before - and this is not that unusual from what I've been hearing from those out there who are more seasoned at this than I am. But it doesn't make the process any easier for me.

So.................I'm still crossing my fingers and toes and will keep you all posted!

Buying a house is like a roller coaster ride. And I HATE roller coasters!

The suspense is killing me people! So what's a girl to do who is feeling powerlessness?

I breathe - write to you all out there - feed my son lunch - read a book - get out in the sunshine - drink water - hug and Kiss Max - watch Sesame Street with him - Take a few photos - remember to stay in the moment - make a few phone calls - buy myself a new beautiful green purse! - remember that I am not in charge - take a nice bubble bath - and Let it all go...

ok and then I take it all back and stress out - until I remember again to let it go!

As my cousin Sloan said at her wedding

" Tick Tock People! "

That's my new saying these days with this process!


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Kristin said...

I hate the process of buying and selling (and I've only done it twice). Crossing my fingers for you!