Monday, March 21, 2011

World Down Syndrome Day!

Why is TODAY World Down syndrome day?
on 3/21 ?

Well..I'll tell you

because Down syndrome occurs when there are 3 copies of the 21st chromosome

Down syndrome is also called Trisomy 21.

Happy Day! It's World Down syndrome Day. I'm celebrating Max in every way. But wait - I ALREADY do! He is so Fabulous isn't he? Well - I know you already know that!
Some sweetness shared between Papa and Max...Or...Max is trying to decide.

Max hanging out at Vertical Diner with us. A new favorite place for me to eat healthy and get out of the condo with Max. On this occasion - we met up with my friend Nicole and her son Tyler. Max was enthralled with Tyler. Couldn't get enough of him. So fun to watch him study older boys and their ways of play.

Tyler brought along a few favorite Lego toys. Of course they had their own trophy's he could attached to the wings of the plane or the back of the speed boat. I think all of the mama's out there need some trophy's like this to attach to the wings of their superhero mama cape!
Nicole and Tyler sharing a moment

Caught them in the act of power lounging again!
Jerry and I took Max to Eggs in the City on Sunday. We usually do something called " Seiner Sunday" which is just a day of adventure. So our adventure consisted of trying out a new restaurant. I know - that doesn't seem thrilling but to us - it really is! We LOVED it there and even though the wait was over 25 minutes - we didn't mind. The people watching was great too! Max was studying the menu and it looks like he has his decision made - I'm guessing french toast. ( Side note - He's still not eating much food. But working on it! I WISH he would eat french toast - or ANYTHING ELSE on that menu! )

Max just LOVES to drink out of the grown-up cups - even when they are larger than his entire body. His sweatshirt became completely drenched in water - but he didn't care. He kept signing " Water- Water - Water" and wanted to try again and again. p.s. his sign for "water" looks like a gang sign. I'll have to get that on video for you.
here he is post water exploration - playing with my iphone. We were told by a friend about a cool app that has a cat that "talks". if you rub the cat it purrs. So here is Max rubbing the cat belly! SO cute to watch him learn how to interact with it. It's great for his fine motor skills, and communication and action / reaction learning. Plus it keeps him entertained while we wait for the check and he is starting to melt.

I started to hunt for Pods in SLC. Here was the first Pod I found while driving around Cottonwood Heights. Most of you know how I've been a bit in LOVE with pods for years now. If you don't know that about me - I think I have a portfolio of pods on my website at
I'm also starting to look for signs of spring. It's amazing to watch things start to transform here.
Tiny bright green buds on trees, Daffodils, crocus, and still learning what Spring means here.

The other news is.......We put in an offer on a HOUSE today. Oh yes we did!
I'd tell you all about it - but I'm going to wait to tell you until TOMORROW. We hear back from them by 2pm tomorrow..........Please cross your fingers on this one! We LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Not only is it 2700 square feet, 4 bedroom, 3.5 baths, large backyard, great kitchen, open floorplan, attached garage, quiet cul-de-sac, and totally finished basement which will be a GREAT playroom for Max and his buddy's on cold days...but it's in what we have heard is a very good school district for kids with Special needs. It's about a mile away from another friend who has a child with Ds, and we just found out there's another little boy with Ds who lives in the area as well. It's right by the mountains and I could walk to Whole Foods. It's also about 3 miles from that Farm I posted about a few days ago. um........Are you crossing your fingers yet????

Here is a sneak peek inside.

I'll share more photos......TOMORROW! Are you crossing your fingers?? If you're not into that - how about lighting a candle - sending up a prayer - sending good vibes - putting a wish under your pillow - or dancing around the house tossing star glitter in the air while laughing hysterically and listening to music that makes you feel pumped! ( like Kanye West, Eminem, Guns and Roses and mmmmmmmm how about a little Soul Coughing, Tenacious D, and of course NO Doubt mixed in. This selection cracks me up already!! )

You can bet I will be doing ALL of these options within the next 10 hours or so!


kecia said...

oh it looks really cute!!! I hope you get it! you are a great photographer! I love the picture of the temple withh the snow! And I love all of the ones of Max!

CP said...

Ooooo fingers are tightly crossed for you . . .it looks really lovely and perfect location too!! Happy Day today!!! Max so damn cute love his cheeky little smile

love you

Kristin said...

Oh how exciting!!!!! Can't wait for tomorrow. Sending good vibes - we just got done watching a Beastie Boys video ;)

Ruth and Michael Storc said...

your life looks so wonderful!! i can feel your happiness and excitement oozing from the computer screen. i am so happy for you guys and as soon as I'm done typing I will cross my fingers.

Amy @ OurScoop said...

That's exciting news! I hope you get it!! Great pictures!
Eggs In the City is in my neighborhood and I love it! Such a charming area!

Good Luck tomorrow!

Team JHB said...

The house sounds wonderful! Saying a prayer for your family and we will be thinking of you tomorrow. Love reading the updates and seeing new pics of your family. <3, Heather, Jeffrey and Benjamin