Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aren't you Curious?*

Don't you want to see the photos Max took the other day????

If you missed the blog post - the re-cap is that Max watched me taking self portraits and jumped on his chance to be a little self portrait photographer himself.

Here is the video again if you haven't seen it...or if you just can't help but take a peek at it again. It's so cute and amazing - don't you wanna see it again?
ok I'll stop gushing here is the link

The photos below are all the ones that he took from that day. The video didn't show how long he went taking photos......

Well there you go! I'm so impressed! I cannot wait to do this again with him.
His two photographer parents are so proud!

So much more to share but you will have to just come back again and see what Max has been up to......more video!....... Yep. see ya'll soon!


Anonymous said...

So cute. You three are amazing.

dlbvet said...

My favorite is the 5th from the top! Adorable. Sometimes with my daughter I'll be lucky and get a shot like this in the middle of several others...and I consider it priceless.
Thanks for sharing!

Laura Novak said...

I really enjoy your site and have you on my Blogroll. It's always soothing to see your photographs, and simply delightful to read your posts about your loving and lovely family. Many thanks for sharing this with us, Laura

Louise Gale "Dream-Inspire-Create" said...

Hello my love, how are you? Long time. Love the photos you guys look so happy and cute. Hope all is good with you all. xxx