Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yep! We are in our new house and LOVE IT!

Untitled from Catherine Just on Vimeo.
So here is the next appointment we had with Max's Physical Therapist. This time we all met at Liberty Park and Michael taught us how to have fun with Max while giving him a killer Ab workout. Here are some video clips.

Untitled from Catherine Just on Vimeo.

ok - this color on the wall just isn't working. It's much more greenish blue than the photo shows. SO I have blue paint chips taped all over the wall to see what might work better. So far we are considering something called " Slightly Sapphire" which is super rich and vibrant. We might be having a painting party soon. Wanna join us?

I love taking these nap photos. And I love napping with Max! Some of the best moments of my LIFE!
I found that cute sitting bench at a consignment store and fell in love. The seat opens and we put our mail in there so it doesn't clutter our counters in the kitchen. I cannot believe how perfectly it fits right there.
I noticed on Wednesday that Max's tongue was covered in what looked like crumbs from a cracker. But it didn't come off. So I took him to the Dr. and he told me it's Thrush. Thrush is a yeast infection on your tongue and intestines. Um...GROSSSSSS. he said there is really no way to know where he got this from or why. We started him on the medication he gave us and Max has a HORRIBLE time with it. He felt WORSE on the medication than with a yeast filled tongue. He was up all night throwing up everywhere and the works...I'll just leave it at that. Luckily it was only the first night. The Thrush is clearing up and he is eating more and more ( he wouldn't drink or eat much because it hurt ) Here is the morning after the bad night.
We saw this rainbow and it looked like it was right at our house - so we hopped in the car from the Home Depot about 1/2 mile from home and drove toward the rainbow. This is one of the photos I took about a mile or two away from our house. I've never been so close to one before. It was stunning!
Yep - Max got a TERRIBLE hair cut. aka. BUZZ CUT. note to self...don't do that again. We like the "little boy" hair cut much better.

We are still in AWE that we live here. Jerry and I still think we are in a vacation home - it's so pretty - so comfortable - and such a big difference from the house in LA. We do love that LA house too - but the room here - the quiet - etc...The light that comes in the windows is unlike anywhere I've ever lived before. Still unpacking - and luckily Grandma Marty comes over to play with Max on weekends so that Jerry and I can focus on unpacking. Weekdays we don't really unpack. Too much to do with Max. I love seeing quail in my yard, and there is a cat that looks JUST LIKE my Pretty girl that loves me and lives somewhere on the street. I needed to have a cool cat on the block! ok - off to help Max take his nap and maybe take one myself!

a blast from Max's past. Not sure how old he is here. I remember when he started to laugh like this and how we were so thrilled to get it on video!

Untitled from Catherine Just on Vimeo.


Kristin said...

Yay for the new house!!!
Our Max had thrush when we picked him up from the adoption agency - luckily he was too little to hate the medicine! Did you ever talk to Michael anymore about a group PT session? After our hospital stay, I never got back on it...

Clairity said...

Yeah! About the house and the naps and the rainbows and the love.
Crap! About the thrush. Hope that clears up well and soon. If you continue to have trouble with it, think about (gulp) eliminating sugars. It sucks but that's what yeast feeds off of.

Anonymous said...

I check in on your blog every once in a while and I'm so happy to see how well Max is doing. I just wanted to say, the usual cause of feeling terrible immediately after thrush/candida treatment is because the patient is going through "die off" of the bad cells. It usually means that he's actually getting better.