Monday, June 20, 2011

Do What You Love Ecourse

photo taken during an assignment from "do what you love" e-course. This fence is on the street I live on but I didn't know it was there until I went on this walk. Lovely isn't it.

I've been taking an eCourse called "Do what you Love"
here is the link

It's one of the best eCourses I've taken.

I just completed one of the assignments which was to write out our Real Wild Bio. Not our Resume of where we've worked but what things we've done in our lifetime from 0-now that mean the most to us. The milestones - the pillars - the wild journeys and amazing accomplishments. After you write all that out - pick the top 5 and that is your REAL WILD BIO.

ok so I couldn't pick just 5. And luckily I wasn't the only one in class who had such luck!

Here is my list for everyone to see - including me. I do think that there are more substantial emotional events that I could have written as well - but this is a great start to see where I've been and the decisions I've made that made the biggest impact on me in my life:

1. Taking an art class in my freshman year in high school – and after my art teacher told me I had talent – taking that same art class ( it was the only one at our small school ) every year until I graduated. Little did I know that it would be life changing.

2. Checking myself in to drug and alcohol treatment when I was 18 years old. Right after I graduated High school. And staying sober for the rest of my Real Wild Bio so far. 23 years sober so far. ( quitting smoking needs to be on this list too - so I'm sneaking it in here )

3. Moving to Minneapolis right after treatment for extended treatment and then going to a 4 year art school MCAD and studying photography, film and video. All because of the seed that was planted by my high school art teacher that I had talent and needed to go for it.

4. Moving to San Diego to study with Miguel Ruiz and working with him and for him. Practicing the Toltec work with his spiritual community for 5 years, and helping Miguel run his Power Journeys. Doing the advanced Dreaming work with him.

5. Starting my own Photography Business

6. When I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2003 I signed immediately up for team in training and trained for and completed a triathlon. ( I changed my diet and no longer have symptoms of Lupus and it no longer comes up in blood tests! Hooray! )

7. Marrying Jerry and giving birth our son Max ( they should both get their own live but for this purpose I am putting them together. ) And staying home the first three years to be with Max and not putting him into daycare. ( and starting this blog for him. )

8. All of my moves and all of my travel:
Moves: Los Angeles, San Diego, Minneapolis, Ashland and Portland Oregon, back to San Diego, Back to Los Angeles, Salt Lake City.
travels: Hawaii many many times, Maui on our honeymoon, Spain, England twice, France, Germany, Italy twice, Chicago, Seattle, Arizona, Teotihuacan,Mexico 3 times, Coba, Tulum, Chichen Itza, New Mexico, Toronto Canada.

9. Creating retreats for women and doing my first one in Manzanita Oregon last year. I learned a lot about myself and others and was a magical adventure!

10. Developing my e-course called Soul*Full right now.
( with the help and inspiration from the Spark Kit, This e-course, Kelly Rae Roberts, Andrea Scher, Dyana Valentine, Amy Meszaros, My dear husband Jerry, the Darling Tree, Susannah Conway, The Aquarian Twins, Maria Forleo, Kris Carr, Miguel Ruiz, My High school Art teacher, Mondo Beyondo, Deb, Valerie Landsburg, The gals from the morning call, The Tuesday night Meeting.

I could make a real wild Bio - just about my adventures raising Max! I think I'll try that one out later - for now I must get going and get to the next assignment. I LOVE taking online classes that inspire me! And this one certainly does.


Clairity said...

This rocks. And brings me to tears. I love them all but esp. number seven of course, the issues most near and dear to my heart at this time, as you well know. It is so warming to see you grow and to have you share your light with us all Catherine, the way you do. Rock on with your wild self!

Anonymous said...
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beth said...

You are a shining light Catherine!

Karen Travels said...

I love, love, love this list!! I sooo want to start my own photography business someday!!

GarbogeKnits said...

Catherine The Great. What an amazing post. I am so inspired by you. So much and you have turned everything into a Disneyland Life. I'm so proud of you. YOu know Valerie Landsburg. I knew her in the 80's. We looked exactly alike. Exactly. It was wierd. We were both being considered for the Television Series "Fame". She got it of course. I knew her sister too. Anyway, I loved reading your post. I don't trust the on line classes. But since you have found it to be a good thing I might look into taking some classes that I should be taking - because of you Catherine The Great. I'm so glad I gave you that nickname. It certainly suits you doesn't it?

Louise Gale "Dream-Inspire-Create" said...

Love this! So glad you took Beths class. So amazing to read all of this. AND sending you lots of juicy loveliness for your e-course development & plans - woohoo. xx