Thursday, July 7, 2011

Max Loves Pink Martini

Max loves Pink Martini! This was the first "real" concert we've taken him to. It was last night at Red Butte Gardens. So beautiful! I've been a fan on Pink Martini since my days living in Portland Oregon about 13 years or so ago. I named this blog Hang on little tomato after a song of theirs. I'm glad Max is a fan. This video proves it!

It's a Mondo Beyondo dream come true. Up on Stage with Pink Martini. Standing by the long haired trumpet player. He is SO very talented. Not my best video work.....but
at the end of this the drummer comes up and talks with Max!

yep - I'm a total geek! Dancing next to some of my favorite musicians of all time and all I can think to do is act goofy? Yep that's me.

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