Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a baby book I want!

This baby book is so great. I can't wait to buy this.
Here is a link to see more of it.

Binth Baby Book

Today is a knitting day, watching "the view" on tv, CNN, and looking for some good movies on HBO, reading and relaxing. Like most days - I'm very comfortable in these nesting times. I really enjoy it. Yesterday I got us some chinese food for the first time in years! And Jerry loved it - but the baby and me.... - not so much. had a wobbly tummy for the rest of the night.
Thought that getting beef with broccoli would help me get more veggies into my diet - but I learned that NO in fact that was not the way to go....Today I'm having a salad I got from trader joes and a turkey burger with melted cheese and some yellow mustard. Mellow food. Nothing too extraordinary.

I'm eating this time up! every moment that is quiet ( which is all of them ) and every thing I do that doesn't require dealing with a baby ( which is all of them ) is a time that I notice - like taking a shower, brushing my teeth, doing dishes, sitting outside on the porch - etc....and sleeping in and not getting up unless I need to pee! I am excited about having the new baby and I also want to be very aware of life now - so that I have a reference point. My friend Andrew says that you won't miss it when the baby comes because all of that stuff becomes less meaningful to having a baby in your life.
I look forward to that time too. But right now - I'm here and enjoying this too.

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