Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

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taken a few moments ago..

Happy Father's Day!!!

Today I decided to shower my husband with all things that have to do with rest and relaxation.

First stop - he has an 11am massage appointment
and then - he is mandated to sleeping the rest of the day
and I'll make him his breakfast - lunch and dinner ( which doesn't take much since we are both on Jenny Craig right now )
I'm going to head to the Starbucks drivethru in a few hours to pick him up a freshly brewed cup of coffee to have with his breakfast. I'd make it here - but then I wouldn't have the pleasure of getting my darling Max out into the world and into the car which almost always means a nice long nap for him.

Max and I went shopping for his Father's Day gifts this week and found a few things to add to the day
1. Max picked out a book that is all about how much he loves his papa.
2. I bought him a book on walking tours of LA ( we are suckers for a good walking tour and I thought it would be fun to bring Max around and see the sights on " Seiner Sundays".
3. Found a card with tomato's on the cover and I put a pen in Max's hand and he drew his first drawing for his Papa inside the card.

I'm glad he doesn't have to work today - he worked all day yesterday and it was looking like it might move into today. Lucky for him he will get to really enjoy catching up on his much needed sleep.

I may take Max out for a few hours to keep the house quiet.

Max has been pretty vocal this morning - and I was up with him for a few hours last night while he practiced using his vocal chords ( they work )

Dear Jerry,
Short note because Max is over being in his bouncy chair,
You are a GREAT Papa to Max and I'm so glad we make such a great team.
I appreciate all you do to help raise our boy.
doing the dishes, making bottles every night, taking feedings when you are home, diapering, playing, hugging, kissing, talking, singing, rocking him to sleep, sitting in the back with him when we go out in the car, etc etc - the list goes on and on.

You're the BEST

Here is the photo I ended up picking for the headshot.
Gail over at DSALA told me that all of them would work because he is looking into the camera.

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Bpaul said...

Holy cow what a Father's Day. Sending a very manly smooch over Jerry's way.

The other new Papa,