Monday, June 1, 2009

"Max is a superhero! He has an extra chromosome that gives him SuperPowers!!"

Here is a video of Max and Papa waking up and sharing some time together in the morning.

Here is a video of Max learning about his Rubber Ducky while taking a bath

Max went on a road trip to San Diego with us yesterday. It was about 2 hours each way. Max was great! He loves to sleep in the car. He only had one moment of crying and I just pulled over - and held him and he calmed down right away. We stayed like that for a while so he could feel more secure and then a little burp came out - so he must have been uncomfortable with the air bubble in there. After that he went back to sleep the rest of the way home.

During our trip we went to our family dentist. We were in the waiting room and Jerry was holding Max and started to say
" Max is a superhero! He has an extra chromosome that gives him superpowers! "

That just cracked me up.

And how TRUE it is~!

We went to my dad's office to introduce Max to everyone there and at one point Jerry said.
"Max has an extra chromosome and that puts him in the 100th percentile for cuteness "

I'm thinking JERRY is in the 100th percentile for cuteness!
he had me laughing all day as usual.

A few fun facts:

Last week Max went to a feeding therapy session and he is doing great. We only have to go once a month which I think says a lot about his ability to suck. He has slightly low muscle tone in his mouth so it takes him an hour to eat what a "typical" baby could do in 10 -15 minutes.

He had his weight checked and he is up to 13.1 lbs!!
And yes I can feel that every time I go to burp him.
He is feeling more and more like a tank.

This Thursday is his 4 month birthday!
On Friday we go to a new Doctor that we had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago to see if he felt right to us.
The place is called Paracelsus
here is a LINK

I love that they combine the best of modern medicine with the best of traditional therapies.
The doctor we picked went to the same school my aunt Christine went up at Bastyre in Seattle

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She Told Me To said...

I love him! I love him! I love him! And where he goes I'll follow, I'll follow, I'll follow!

He IS delicious!!!!