Tuesday, May 26, 2009

memorial day

I love how Max grabs on to our hands when he is feeding. Jerry was in charge of this feeding time so I was the designated photographer.

look at Jerry's face would you?

yesterday we walked around the rose bowl in the morning - 3 miles around with Max in the stroller.
came home for some R&R and then went to Lacy Park and enjoyed the rose garden, watching other kids play, the trees, the vibrant green grass and the perfect weather.
Laying on the blanket and enjoying each others company was the best I could have asked for on this day.
We put Max in the middle and kissed him like crazy. He just smiles and laughs.

I was sad to see Jerry head back to the office this morning.
Looking forward to more days in the park this summer.


She Told Me To said...

Could Jerry be any happier?!?!


Catherine Just said...

I know! He has on his Crazy happy Face. We had such a good time at the park. It's a great memory now that I wish to remember - good thing I have a blog!

girl cousins said...

Max's fingers around Jerry's...aaahhhh. to moments that you remember even as they are happening!