Wednesday, May 6, 2009


video taken while Max was asleep in a sling -
this was about a month ago. but so funny I had to share with you all.

Went to the pediatrician yesterday.
here are his current stats:

Weight 10 lbs 11 oz
Height 22 1/2 inches
head circumference 14 3/4 "

you should see his legs!
I should do a before and after photo of his legs. I mean - they are beefing up! SO cute.

She suggested that we stop getting up to feed him in the morning - and just let him tell us when it's time.
We usually set an alarm for 4 hours after the last feed - and get up and he is usually starting to squirm for food.
Last night we set the alarm - and low and behold he wasn't squirming so we let him sleep.
This time he went 5 hours.
It was a Passover miracle.
( ok I know that didn't make sense but everything in our house is either a christmas miracle or a passover miracle....just because it's hilarious to yell that out any time something astounding happens - which is quite often. )

I think our 3 month old is about a similar weight as Katye and Brandon's newborn over at

Took him a while but he no longer fits in his premie pants or newborn onsies. yes - folks - Max is in 3 month old clothing now. And his hair is starting to grow in a little on the top of his head. And he is holding things like his little dog, and any washcloth that happens to be near his hand. He also reaches out to touch my face, and his neck strength is astounding!
he holds his head up and just looks at us and looks and looks while we are squeeling of course with glee. He must know by now that we are nuts.

He eats between 3 and 5 ounces of formula every 3 - 4 hours during the day. And he burps like a sailor. Although I've never actually heard a sailor burp - I have a feeling I'm getting my point across.

the best lately are the big smiles and laughing. I am still trying to get it on video - but every time I grab the camera he just stares at the red light on it. It's killing me. you MUST see this. It's my life goal as of late. To capture these first smiles and laughs on video.

Sunday he had his first temperature - and has been a bit congested. Not fun for parents to see their baby struggle to breathe.
nope - not fun at all. I'm glad though that it took him 3 months to have his first little cold. The temp. is back to normal today and the congestion is much less but plan to lay low and not go to the play groups this week to give the little guy a break.

He's asleep in his swing right now - peaceful little guy. until.....he realizes it's time for lunch!



deboramar said...

First of all a gazillion congrats to you and Jerry for this absolutely beautiful little boy and many many apologies for not getting in touch with you sooner.

I really enjoy reading your blogs...makes me feel part of your ongoing experience with a newborn.

Max is certainly one lucky little guy to have such wonderful have such a positive attitude and I admire you both so for the steps that you have already taken to make sure that Max will develop to his full potential. I did not know about the sign language....that is very interesting. Many new parents these days are teaching their young children sign language just so that when they want to express themselves and can't talk, they will have a way to communicate.

It seems to me that 3 months is very early to be turning over...what a thrill that must have been to come in and find him in a different postion than how you had left him. And then to have him sleep for 5 hours at a lucky can you be!!

I just love all of the pictures...I remember you 2 at your wedding with your cameras and how great that was.....keep them coming.

Thanks for sharing with me....please keep doing so.

With much love,
Deborah and Alfred Marton

Jill said...

he is such a darling little must be so proud!

Katye said...

HAHAHA...I was just thinking as I read Max's new stats that he's about the size Viv was when she was born. OI!

High-larious! Welcome to the world of all those other clothes folks got you! Fun fun! And yes, the thighs are luscious (hear as Gini Gentry says it...Luuuuushhhhhhioussss!)

Don'tcha just LOVE the 5 hour sleeping stints. I am adopting your Passover miracle, well...because it IS!