Sunday, May 3, 2009

Max you are 3 months old! and you love Gwen Stefani

ok - I'm very sorry about the singing. But try try try to live through it so you can see how much Max likes Gwen Stefani - even when sung out of tune.

He's starting to smile and laugh more often which is amazing to see. His neck strength is even better and he is using his hands to reach out and grab more on purpose.

This week he attended 2 playgroups - one in a park and one at Club 21.
He ate dinner at a Farmer's Market with us and another couple - Jen and Ray and their 8 month old Bella.
He went to another sign language class and this week.
He went to a birthday party for his friend Sevi who turned 1 year old.


happy baby with hidden privates ( he's shy )

this is his "power to the people" arm in the air look

Sleeping before the big birthday party at his friend Sevi's house

Happy Birthday Max - Tomorrow - you will be 3 months old. I cannot believe it. It actually feels like a lot longer for some reason since we were at the hospital. A distant memory.
I'm so glad you decided to join us in this life of ours. You sure added a pile of cuteness, love, joy, laughter, happiness, etc into the mix. Plus a bit of worry - but I'm Jewish - it's beyond my control.

I must say I do feel very much myself in the Down syndrome community. more so then most other places I've been, or groups I've joined. I'm not sure why that is. I guess it was all meant to be. Jerry and I are looking forward to the big conference in Sacramento at the end of July. But right now we are just finishing up a BBQ in our backyard on a lovely Sunday afternoon with Max in his little bouncy chair and the chirping birds, nice breeze and perfect temperature. Life is good.


She Told Me To said...

That little guy was smiling right back at you when you were singing Gwen to him. First, he loves his mama! Second, his loves Gwen's music!
Goodness is he DELICIOUS!!! He looks like such a big boy to me. 3 months!!!! wow! Didn't you just bring him home?

Thanks for your comment on my post. I'm gunna call you right now!

Anonymous said...

OK, I cannot think of a scenario where this would happen, but if you ever decide you need a long term babysitter, can it be ME?! Please?! I want him. I know I've got my hands full and my pants to hold up over here, but could he be ANY CUTER?! OH!

Bpaul said...

OK I have to confess -- I'm jealous of your ability to sleep skin to skin. It's just not warm enough up here to do that yet. Soon -- soon. Great post, great pictures, great heart, as usual.


Chris said...

Sure do enjoy your postings. Great Uncle Bud Zimmel looks in every time he signs on (at nearly 91 is online frequently!) and loves seeing Max grow and change.

Sadly, don't get to see the California relatives except at funerals but Grandma Marty just lights up when she talks about him. We certainly celebrated Great Grandma Bea's life today and wish more of you could have been with us. Would love to be able to cuddle your darling little guy!

All the best from Michigan!

Chris Zimmel

Katye said...

OH MY GaWD! He's so fracking cute!