Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day Bliss!

So far my First Mother's Day has been Blissful.
I slept in with my cat next to me in bed until about 10:30.
Husband made me breakfast. Gave me a card that Max "made" for me and a Superhero necklace!
Then Max gave me more smiles and who needs anything else??

After the noon feeding with Max we are heading out to a park for a little Picnic and then for a walk. that's all I wanted. To be outside with my family. Near trees. Birds. Air. I'm looking forward to it - and yes - we are bringing camera gear so more to be posted later.

But for now - I leave you with this video we took this morning:

ok - Just back from our afternoon picnic in the park.
We stopped at Grassroots and bought some pre-made lunches and gluten free snacks and cookies and headed to Nibley Park

It was a nice day - the park was packed with other families with the same idea. Lots of BBQ's happening and kids on swings and the jungle gym thing they have there. We sat under a few trees and ate our lunch while Max slept. It was so nice to get out and do this.

It's been a Perfect day.

All this and a confirmation that my friend Amy is coming to visit from Minneapolis and meet Max on Wednesday is just icing on the cake for me!!!
I can't wait to introduce her to Max and just be with her. hee heeeeee!!!

Tonight we are BBQing in our backyard and by the sounds of the birds still chirping away outside - I have a feeling it's going to be glorious.


Bpaul said...

We have yet to get a smile on video -- it so needs to happen LOL.

Thanks for pointing out the new post, my subscription to the RSS feed doesn't automatically update my list, it can take a few hours.


DeeDee said...

Tooo Cute!!!!

She Told Me To said...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! I wanted to give a little shout out to you - for what a fabulous mom you are and how much you are doing for you beautiful boy! You are doing such a great job and you should be sooooo proud of yourself and Jerry. Max couldn't have asked for better parents.

Happy 1st mother's day, my new friend!

Much love,

She Told Me To said...

I also want to tell you that I gather all the ladies I work with around my computer and we watch every new video you post of Max. Keep 'em coming!!!