Tuesday, May 19, 2009

AMY!!!! Get back here!

Hi all!
Just coming down from a wonderful weekend. My friend Amy visited from Minneapolis to meet Max. She is a dear dear friend. We met at Art School and have been close ever since. I was in her wedding, she was in mine and we both visit when a child is born if we can swing it.
( if you click on the photos they will get bigger and you can see them MUCH better )

We went to the Farmers Market with Jerry and Max on Thursday and ran into friends of ours there. Two I hadn't seen since I got married October 2007. And we both had our new babies there so it was nice to check back in and re-connect and show off all the cuteness of Max!
We had a blanket and ate tamales and steak sandwiches and fed Max the bottle while the sun was setting. It was so fun.

The next morning we headed to Auntie Em's for scrambled eggs with avocado and grilled tomato, applewood smoked BACON, and a side of fruit. AHHHHH it was SO good. we sat out on the back patio and were delighted by the perfect weather, a sleeping baby, and the scrumptious food.
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We took amy to our Playgroup at Club 21 and I loved introducing her to the other moms and babies.
And then Saturday we took her to our last Sign language class. Man was that class amazing. We plan to sign up for level 2 whenever it's offered. I am just in love with the instructor of that class - who also happens to be the person who runs Club 21.
She is an angel. Let me tell you. If I talk about it too much I might break down and cry. Yep that's how much I love her.
If it wasn't for Max I wouldn't have ever met her. I'm so lucky!!

After class we headed to a restaurant called "home" in Los Feliz
if you haven't been there - go now. It's so cute and the food is great. It's all outside in a very cool patio. Max was a trooper going to all of these places and being totally fine with it.

Then we drove past where Amy used to live in Silverlake and HAD to stop at Starbucks for a decaf iced soy latte which was a favorite drink of ours back in the day. I hadn't had one in YEARS. and MAN was it delicious.

Oh - and Amy and I made a sunprint of Max out front of our house on Friday. It was so fun. I want to do an entire project of Max with the sunprints.
We also looked at art books together and talked about making art which is something I just adore about our friendship. That art connection.

We also went to Larkin for dinner on Saturday night. Beef ribs, fried chicken, mac and cheese, pork chops, oh my! I think this visit was all about food! It was great. I love being with her and I cannot believe we don't live in the same town. AUGH. It's painful.

I hated seeing her leave on Sunday Morning. And I talked with her as soon as she landed from the first flight of two that she had to take to get home.

I hope we can see more of her. She has 2 gorgeous little girls and a very talented husband so it's not as easy to travel as it was when we were lone artist gals roaming the world.

We all miss you Amy - GET BACK HERE!

also: Max is rolling over from Back to tummy now. Oh yes he is!
I have it on video for you to watch here:

Here is a photo I took of him yesterday - So fricken CUTE! he found his hands and loves holding on to them

ok ok - This took MUCH too long to post. I need to run off and hang out with Husband and Baby.



She Told Me To said...

Oh Yay! What a great visit!!!!!
And how 'bout your boy flipping himself over. That kicking with the feet to get loose his arms was awesome. So cool! You are such a great mom. It would be such a challenge for me not to help but then he would never learn!
And his little hands pose. DELISH!

Anonymous said...

love the last picture, OMG

What's up with tantalizing me with all that great FOOD?!

Akiva is sick, so I'm basically subsisting on Bunny Grahms right now.


Amy Meszaros said...

Dreaming of eggs with tomatoes and avocado, bacon, decaf, Max's cute smile, little hands grabbing mine, good TV, art, inspiration, and you and your cute husband. Wish you were closer all the time!!!!!

Alyssa said...

That last picture is to die for. He looks precious.