Tuesday, April 28, 2009

new developments

Yep - that's right. Max is holding the rattle.
It's the first time he's done that and I got it on film. and yes. I'm proud of myself. But more importantly - I'm proud of MAX!
I noticed yesterday when I put a little tiny stuft animal near his face he would grab it and of course it would go into his mouth for further investigation. So today I tried other things he might be able to hold on to.
The rattle seems a good fit.

And yes - he's still rolling over. Just from tummy to back - not the other way around yet. But he is definitely working on that.

On another note - I never mentioned Sign language class. We started 2 weeks ago and it's a class designed for parents who have kids with Down Syndrome. It's a highlight of our week. The instructor is the gal who started Club 21 where I take Max every Friday for playgroup. We love the class and plan to take it again to review what we are learning now. It's a 5 week class every Saturday. The instructor told us that if you treat your kids with Down syndrome as if they are deaf it will help them to learn to communicate earlier. For those of you out there that don't know - kids with Ds usually have a speech delay. This can really help them get up to speed and not be so frustrated.

Today - on another note - is a sick day for me. yep - I'm not feeling so great. Jerry is here working from home and helping with baby duty. YAY for Jerry and for a Mac computer that can link him up with what's happening at work.

And no I do not have the swine flu. I just feel like someone threw a pile of bricks on me. Wiped out, and tummy is upset.

I'm going to head back to bed after Jerry makes me some lunch.
Did I mention that Jerry is the best husband and papa ever?
Max and I are pretty much smitten with the guy.

Right now Jerry is working on his computer with Max in a sling who is sleeping peacefully on his papa.
Now this is a happy family.

and yes - Pretty girl ( my cat ) has been sleeping with me in the bed and I think she not so secretly loves that I'm in bed and she's got me all to herself.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Max! I love his expression with the hand up and all, like "mom! are you taking another picture?" LOL
Glad you like the sign language. I think that's great. The ability to make simple signs comes way before the ability to make certain sounds and in our experience (and everyone I've ever met or heard of that uses baby signing of some sort) it REALLY does reduce frustration.
Sorry you are not well. There is another virus going around down here (besides the swine flu) that sounds like what you might have but I hope what you have is just a one day deal b/c this one takes a few weeks to completely clear. Warm up your tummy with cinnamon or whatever you use for warming herbs. Hope you feel better soon! Yeah Jerry!

Katye said...

Sula would approve!

Great job on the rattle grab Max. Watch your candy bars guys!

Is 2-3 mo when they suggest all babies start SL? Or just an early start for DS kids?

Catherine Just said...

I asked some friends who said that you can start signing whenever you feel comfortable doing so. the more exposure they get to it the easier it will be for them to pick it up when they are ready to.
We are starting early just because the class was offered now and we plan to take it again to learn it better.