Sunday, April 26, 2009

Max's First BBQ

Loren meets Max.
Loren is an acting coach for kids, a writer, and a loving warm human being!
Her husband Kerry and their son trevor came over and it was so great to see how much Trevor has grown since last we saw him.

Kerry and Trevor
Kerry is married to Loren and there is their cute baby trevor who is 10 months old. So so CUTE.
Kerry is a Consultant Arborist. We were so excited to talk with him about which trees to plant on our backyard to hide the giant ugly apartment buildings behind us. Looks like we will be calling to set up an appointment with him soon!

Nancy!~ what a great friend.
Nancy works at Otis College of Design teaching printmaking. she's a fantastic artist, and a wonderful friend.
Here is a link to her website.
Pretty Girl is fond of her as well - and I was SO excited for her to not only meet Max but to give Pretty Girl some much needed attention. Nancy screen printed Max some onsies that are out of this world! I'll have to showcase him in them in a fashion show soon. Plus - she made us cupcakes with fresh strawberries from the farmer's market in the frosting. Oh my god. So much for being sugar and wheat free. I just HAD to try them out. DELICIOUS.

The creative and oh so talented Fashion Designer
brought Max some designer onsies! SO adorable.
It was great to re-connect with him and see him hold our baby!

Chris and Loren giving Max some lovin
Chris is a filmmaker, and THE guy you want to hire to be on your next project. He really works his butt off to make sure things happen on set. I know - I've worked with him, and he blew my mind. I just adore him. He's so down to earth, funny, chatty, loving - etc...what's not to love...

A living room of men holding babies...

Jerry, Nancy and Chris - and a sleeping Max.

Beth ( I took this of the two of us by holding the camera out in front of us. A little thing I adore doing...)
Beth is one of my friends who kept in touch with me during the entire pregnancy. She called, e-mailed and checked in to make sure I was ok. I loved that she cared enough to call when I wasn't so on the ball with that. Everyone needs someone to call and e-mail when they can hardly deal with anything other then picking up the remote to change the channel. Yay for Beth!

Chris ( yes - I took this one too )

Jerry is busy at the grill

love these little flowers

Enjoying a meal in the perfect weather! Man was it perfect out and cozy eating together.
Hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled fish, baked beans, wasabi crackers, loaf of bread, salad with avocado and grapefruit, kidney bean salad, sushi rolls, cupcakes. thank god for Pot Lucks! I felt Lucky - the food was outta sight!

End of the Night - Max past out after the big day with all the excitement

Max was a trouper. He really is such a soft spoken - quiet baby. Not much bugs him unless he is hungry or over tired. Other then that he was just fine being past around the room from person to person, all the noise and laughter didn't bother him when he was sleeping and he was fine taking his bottle outside in the crowd. I put him in a sling in when he got tired and he slept there while I ate with my friends. It was perfect.

The neighbors decided to have a BBQ tonight as well. There version included very loud thumping music and letting off bottle rockets. Luckily they didn't get really rowdy until our party was done. I can still hear them. the fuuny part is I have a monitor on so I can hear Max in the other room in his crib in case he wakes up - but instead of hearing him - I can actually hear the loud conversations of the people next door through the monitor. THAT is how loud they are being. and guess who is sleeping through it....and guess who wants to call the cops? But I won't. Jerry REALLY doesn't want me to. If it's midnight and the party is still going on I might sneak a call....
Or maybe after the party ends and everyone has gone to sleep I'll tip toe over there with a whistle and blow it over and over at the bedroom windows and then run like hell back over here and pretend to be asleep. Think anyone will notice?
Ok - I won't do that - but I do enjoy coming up with plans.

anyhow - back to reality - glad we had the day to meet with friends and eat and re-connect - and introduce Max. It was really fun and we look forward to a summer filled with BBQ's.


Fairybookmother said...

what incredible pictures of such an amazing group of people -- I loooove that last shot of Max in b/w, such tender sweetness. I'm glad he likes hanging with you in the sling, mine complains (a LOT), but I still think you'd love the Bjorn, exs the sport version w/great lumbar support. You're hands free, and Max can be perched up to see the world (or sleep, whatever. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun was had by all.
Even the neighbors. You crack me up with your whistle idea! LOL
Love all the pictures of Max. He is LONG now! Really growing so fast.