Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My friends Katye and Brandon welcomed their new baby girl today:

Welcome Vivian [to be determined] Maxson-Landis, Born April 8th, 2:45 PM.

She's a big girl, 9lbs. 15 oz. and 21" long.

She had the baby at home in a tub of water without medication.

I haven't spoken to them yet - just getting updates on their blog at

We got a text message at 1:30am this morning that she was in labor.

And Brandon kept all of us informed through out the day on the blog.

I felt pretty emotional when I read some of the posts

It took me back to 9 weeks ago TODAY when Baby Max was born.

It's all still fresh in my mind so I could imagine the emotions going on over at the Landis household....and the lack of sleep.

I love that family so much.
I'm just so excited for them and this new chapter in their lives.

Max has a new girlfriend named Vivian Maxon-Landis!

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