Thursday, April 23, 2009

Max with Grandpa Rich

this was taken last Friday.
Sorry for the shaky camera. Still getting the hang of it.


Indelible said...

I cannot believe you have a real live baby and I get to meet him on Sunday!!! Adorable!

Catherine Just said...

nancy - I can't wait to see you!!!

She Told Me To said...

First of all, how much more could Grandpa Rich love him??! Secondly, how cool is it to see Max sitting real still and checking out his Grandpa!!!!

Oh My that little boy is SWEET!!!!!


Maada said...

Thank you for your blog...found it by accident one early morning. Proud Mom of a 7 week old daughter with Downs, Ellison. We have the blessing of raising such beautifully created children.
Geneva, IL

Bpaul said...

OMG moving pictures increase The Cute (tm). Shouldn't there be a law limiting The Cute... it is nearly dangerous in these quantities!