Sunday, April 12, 2009

Max's first Easter

Yes - that is Max there in the green sling around me - I'm trying to show his face. he is past out from all the excitement of meeting his family!

Yesterday we went to Aunt Mary Jo's house for our Annual Easter Family gathering. It was the first Road trip Max has been on - about an hour drive - and his first introduction to the Harbaugh Clan. Lots of Cousins!
Jerry's dad flew in from Utah so it was nice to see him as well.

We found out Grandpa Jerry and his wife Shari and Jerry's half brother Jimmy bought a house here and will be moving here very soon!!

We are really happy about this - and Max is so lucky! More grandparents around to spoil him! I grew up around no one ( ok that was dramatic ) - I mean - no extended family so I just LOVE going to Easter and being surrounded by family and having more family near by will be just great.

I can't wait for the Bass lake trip in July with all of them, and the Bundukie ( spelling ) party in June over at Mike and Amy's. It inspires me to see family put such effort into gathering and making it fun for everyone.

anyhow - I got distracted
Back to the Easter

The annual Easter Egg Crack off.

I'm going to ask Mike to send me photos from the event
But I just want to say - I'M SORRY BARB!!
I wanted you to win already!

I got all the way up to runner up.
It was Max - he was my good luck charm.

Rene was the winner - and he took the stained glass egg trophy home for the year.
Lucky !

I'll try to explain the crack off when I have photos up.

until then - here is the family portrait from yesterday.
I bring my camera every year to take this one photo.
I think it will be so interesting years from now to take a look back at all the years at the Harbaugh's Easter Event.

I'm so glad to be a part of this family now. And I can't wait to share all of this with Max as he grows up near them all.
It was so great to hand him off to each cousin and have them hold Max yesterday. One by one Max got to meet and stare at his family - and they got to see the new member of the clan.

YAY for Max - he is loved by a thousand Harbaughs.



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She Told Me To said...

Max had an Easter Party with his cousins!!! And he got passed all around so he could take a real good look at them. He's so sweet I can't stand it! He likes a party.