Thursday, April 16, 2009

Max is ten weeks old....or 2.5 MONTHS

this one was taken this morning by yours truly with our iphone - just before Max woke up for breakfast.

This one Jerry took of the two of us sleeping - and we have been sleeping like this every night. Not all night mind you. It started out being something we did after the early morning (4am) feeding. Max loves to nuzzle in my neck and passes out within literally 1 minute when I put him here. I'm all for making him comfy and I just LOVE the feeling of his face against mine like that. I don't sleep well in this position. I prefer to lay on my "good" ear so I can avoid hearing my dear husband snoring with the "bad" ear - I'm pretty much deaf in one ear which comes in handy let me tell you...
anyhow - sleeping with a baby on me is dreamy - I highly recommend it. As long as you are not really going to deep sleep.
at least at this young age - it's too early to have him just loose in the bed.
( in my opinion! )

This one was taken the morning of Max's 10 week b-day by - yes - you guess it - me - and I look a bit sinister in this photo but really all I was thinking was how ADORABLE Max is and loving him.

This week has and continues to be a big week for Max.
Starting with the Family Easter get together
then Monday we went to the Mom's Club playgroup at a park under the trees. It was wonderful. He was pretty much sleeping the entire time in my sling but I just love that we will be meeting weekly and he will grow up with these babies.

Today he went with me out to lunch at my favorite health food store where everyone loves him and has known him since he was born. I call them his aunts.

Then I met a friend and her baby at the South Pasadena Farmer's market.

Tomorrow Grandma and Grandpa Just are coming over after I get back from the Friday morning Play group at Club21.
Saturday We all start sign language class. we are looking forward to that. And I have heard that most of the mom's say it is one of the top things they did that made a huge impact on their kids with Ds.

Lots of different adventures.
The one thing I'm not liking is when Max is crying in the car. My entire body tenses up because I want to soothe him and make it better but I am driving and he is facing the other direction - I cannot see him ( the mirrors for that do not work ) and I don't like that he is uncomfortable. It's usually because he is over tired - or it's his feeding time and I'm on my way home for that.
But either way - that's been hard. Of course right when we arrive at the destination - he is conked out.
I'm used to Jerry being the back seat with him and it's all new to me to hear him be so upset. He never cries like that at home because we are right here to help!

I reach my hand back and through the car seat so I can put my hand on his cheek or hold his hand and I talk with him.
Just so he knows I'm here - and I love him. It breaks my heart to hear him so upset and I feel so far away. Not liking that at all.

We are midway to his 3 month mark. Can you believe that one?
Next weekend Max will be meeting a bunch of friends that are coming by and I look forward to that as well. I'm also going to try out this thing called Stroller Strides. Yep - exercise with the baby in a stroller.

an update on the vaccination issue - I ordered Jenny McCarthy's new book about how to prevent autism and I plan to read the entire thing as fast as I can in the next couple of days so I can hear her point of view on it.

and to BP: love the self portraits with baby! Thanks for the shout out for helping you along the path of photography and documentation. You are rocking it over there. And Max wants to date Vivian...

Max is longer - not fitting into his preemie clothing and barely in the newborn stuff anymore. Crazy how tight it is all of a sudden.
His hands look HUGE to me. He is much more present - and looking and tracking you then ever before. and he gets a little grin when you pick him up which is adorable. He is so so so sweet and quiet and easy compared to the stories I've heard of other babies. I'm drinking that all in because I have no idea if one day that might change!

I'm hearing a lot that this time goes by really quickly and I really don't want him to grow up! Is that so wrong.
I mean - I do...But - He is JUST SO DANG PRECIOUS RIGHT NOW. I am learning to be present in every moment. And really be with him. doing this blog and taking photos and video helps me to document it because I already have forgotten how small he was 2 months ago and I am so glad I can just scroll back and find the dates and see the evidence.

Jerry and I are loving this new adventure.

p.s. if you would care to read this - it's more on vaccines:
read comment #11....amazing


She Told Me To said...

OHHHHHHHH MY LITTLE FRIEND! He's looking sooooo grown up in this post. I can't decide if I like it or not. I mean, he's F-in CUTE and he's starting to really look like a real little guy now vs. a tiny little baby. But he's growing so fast!!! Nope - I just decided. I really like it. He's becoming a whole person. He's becoming even more Max. I just burst into tears. You guys are so lucky!

Durn that baby boy is delish!! I mean it. Right down to his nose pickin' fingers.


She Told Me To said...


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the crying in the car. It is just horrible. Hope he gets over that soon. It's so sad.
Thanks for the adorable pictures! Yum!

mary catherine said...

Matilda hated the carseat too, from the very beginning. I remember when she was a month old we tried to go see Christmas lights and she was crying and screaming at the top of her lungs. I was exhausted and ended up nursing her in the backseat on the side of the road--crying myself. Months later I was still having to reach my hand back to her in the back seat. Having her face forward now does make a difference, but I have to say I'm so grateful for public transportation these days--and no more car seats! :)

One thing that helped was playing music she liked or ocean sounds as I drove...