Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Many faces of Max

©Catherine Just Seiner
I took these photos today on the changing table.
Making a Headshot so we can submit it to an agency that works only with Kids that have Down Syndrome.
Some of his friends have been on tv shows and print ads and I figured it might be a nice way to document him and his life on film by other people besides the two of us. Plus the money he makes will go in his own account and we figure it is a nice way for him to start growing his financial portfolio.

not sure which photo we will pick. Do you have a favorite???


DeeDee said...

How can we possibly pick a favorite. they are all fabulous!! He is so cute!! And I am not just saying that because I'm his gramma. It's the truth!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you have to pick I'd say 1 or 3 (from the left).
OMG, I can't imagine a scenario where everyone doesn't want pictures of him. You guys live in the perfect place for him to grow his portfolio in this way too. Plus, you never know what else it will bring - explore it all! Way to go.

Erica said...

the third and the fifth

Christine said...

Hi There, Oh my gosh, I can't believe that 'I'm the best man at the wedding suit'! It is beyond cute. And the photos are wonderful, every single one of them, sorry i can't choose between them. They are all fantastico. Wonderful to see you all looking so radiant. And enjoying so fully this special time.
Love you.

christina said...

i cannot pick one - they are so super dreamy and insane! sorry to be non committal but.......

Alyssa said...

They're all too cute! Hope all is well. xoxo