Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Max celebrates his 9 month birthday today

Max has his first experience on a swing today.

I think he liked it!

Max - I cannot believe you are 9 months old today!!!
How did that happen - Jerry and I were just celebrating your 6 month birthday a second ago.

I just gave a new mom all of your old smaller clothing. That was so strange for me because they told me how fast it would go but it seemed to go so slow at first and now I cannot seem to stop time long enough to just notice all the tiny changes - including the size of your feet!

You are sitting, crawling on your tummy, getting up on your knees, pulling yourself up, laughing a LOT, smiling all the time, talking and talking and talking. Studying everything around you. Noticing Pretty girl walking past you. Reaching out for me and your papa, and for your toys - especially in love with the Leap Frog Piano...I think because you can see yourself in the mirror.
You love that toy so much you hug it.

You take 3 naps a day - usually 2 hours after a feeding. You bed time right now is around midnight!
You're starting to eat baby food again after getting sick with a bad cold and having an ear infection - which lead to fluid in your left ear. You tug on it and there is nothing I can do to help and it is very hard to know that you might be in pain, and you might be having a harder time hearing. I am so sorry for that. It's painful to see you suffer even a little bit.

Your PT, OT, Infant Stim therapists and every other person who sees you is VERY IMPRESSED with all of your development just in the last month. You are reaching all the developmental milestones of a typical baby your age. This means that some People who give you therapy services are hoping that you slow down so that you don't lose those services and others think you should just get what you need. I'm basically in the camp of giving you what you need and not lumping you into some generalized generic service plan that is made for all kids with Ds. No two kids are alike. Whether they have a disability or not.
You have specific needs that others don't have and vice versa. You are unique, wonderful, perfect, amazing, adorable, genuine, joyful, playful, happy, easily soothed, you enjoy being with people and you enjoy playing with your toys by yourself as well.
I love how curious you are and how in love you are.
When you wake up and you hear me sing the morning song to you - you smile before you even open your eyes. THAT IS SO FABULOUS!!! I want to wake up smiling too. And seeing you makes that possible. You light up my everything!

Today at the park you feel asleep in my arms after your first whirl in the swing. I just love how comfortable you are in my arms and how trusting. I love holding you.

Right now you are sleeping on top of your giant Pluto Pillow from Disneyland that your cousins Stephen, Tim and Sean got for you. You love holding on to the ears and the way the soft fur feels on your skin. Your wrapped up in a soft blanket made of the same material. I can always tell when it's time for bed because your eyes get sleepy, and you like to hold on to the pluto dog, and you hold onto the blanket and suck your thumb and make the cutest "mmmmm" sound.

The past 9 months have been the best in my entire life.
You are such an amazing human being.
I am so touched that you picked us to be your parents.
My heart is bursting open just thinking about how lucky we are,
and how much I love you

Happy Birthday Max!!!!!

And - in celebration of your life I have begun a little Etsy shop to sell some of my artwork online. It's so fun to stay home with you and when you nap I make art and sell it.
I decided to take some of the proceeds from each sale and donate it to Club 21 where I take you every Friday for Playgroup for kids with Down Syndrome. My wish for you is that you continue to be able to go to Club 21 and it's a way for me to give back to a place that has been so amazing for us in so many ways.

I also changed my website around to accommodate a new frsh approach to my life and art career.
Photography workshops in Mexico and the Oregon Coast next year.
your blog listed on the website now

My feeling is that it's time to be more transparent like the artists I most admire, and to live my best life ever...right now.
Just like you do.
Thank you for inspiring me to live life to it's fullest and to dream the big dreams.
You are a dream come true.
Love you,


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful post.
Too much.
Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Sweet post and so wonderful that Max is doing so well! I'll have to check out your shop!