Friday, November 27, 2009

Max's First Thanksgiving

Our first Thanksgiving with Max was by far my favorite Thanksgiving of all time.
The only downside was that Max has been sick all week. We had plans to go visit family but he was still sick ( ok - the details are that he had the runs - changing his diaper up to 8-10 times a day - no temp - but the Dr. says it might be contagious so we kept him home. Max didn't really notice all that much. We changed his formula to Soy on Thanksgiving day and fed him banana baby food and rice cereal to try to help the guy out. The pediatrician suggested changing from diary formula to non dairy because they can become lactose intolerant when they get sick like this. Who knew? So many friends helped us out with advice of what diaper cream is best, wipes, bathing him and giving him " diaper free time" and we've done all of it! )

Anyhow - during his first nap of the day we went on a walking tour of the Larchmont Area. We found the route from a book called "Walking L.A.". I bought this book many months ago and it's the first time we've used it. It was really wonderful. So much history in the houses, architecture etc. We past the house that was built by the woman who was the voice of Snow white, the Mayors house and a house that was 49th on the register of historic landmarks. Much more on that walk. It's a beautiful area. Lots of wide streets lined with palm trees and gigantic homes. it was a gorgeous day. Around 85 degrees, bright and sunny and peaceful. Max slept through the walk until the very end and had a few blocks to see the scenery.

We spent the rest of the day at home - being human jungle gyms for Max.
Jerry took 6-8 different videos of Max and these were 2 of my favorites.
Max is loving pulling up to stand then letting go of whatever he pulled up on and laughing and laughing.
What could be better? I think there's NOTHING better.

We had a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING as you can see!

And yes we ate turkey. We bought individual plates of thanksgiving dinner at whole foods, and bought Pretty girl ( my cat ) a can of turkey wet food. The food was REALLY good. And I didn't over indulge so no food coma today. And our cat purred and purred while she ate.

We are feeling so grateful to watch Max develop and grow. Especially as he smiles and laughs as he goes!

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Indelible said...

Max is unbelievably cute. His glee is contagious!