Monday, February 22, 2010

birthday party video

Ok so - we celebrated Max's birthday just the three of us - on his actual birthday. You already saw the photos and video we made posted earlier. Then our family had a party for him which I still need to post. And then a week later we had a party with all of his friends. Phew. Lots of partying.

Here is the video of the birthday party we had for Max at Amy's Playground in South Pasadena. It was a beautiful day the party was filled with his friends and it seems as though everyone had fun!
I wish I had taken more photos and I wish I had time to really use my favorite lenses and get into it more - but - I was busy partying with my baby and my husband and all of our friends. There were 17 kids who came to help us celebrate - and their parents - and some friends of ours we've known since junior high or high school. It was a great bunch. Thanks to all of you for coming. It meant the world to us. And thank you to the grandparents ( of course!! ) - for being there as well. the place was packed and all I could hear was happiness. If there is a sound for that - that is all I remember hearing, feeling and experiencing. I think Max felt the same way.

more to come soon!

Enjoy the video.



Amy Meszaros said...

oh my gosh, i am coming over RIGHT NOW to gobble up your son. SO CUTE!!!!

Catherine Just said...

I'm waiting for you! Can't wait to see you! heeee heeee

anna said...

So much fun!!