Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The Regional Center just called us to let us know that Max will now be able to get Occupational therapy ( which helps with fine motor skills). And that it's going to be in home services!


EVERYONE has been telling us that he should get BOTH Physical therapy AND occupational therapy but we weren't approved to get OT and every time we talk with his feeding therapist who is the head of the OT department at the place she works ( going to keep that off the blog ) she told us that he really doesn't need it because he is doing really well.

That's GREAT of course to hear. WE LOVE that Max is doing great.

AND we feel that it can only benefit him to see an OT.

Even if just to give us suggestions on ways to help him develop his skills further.

So we start THIS FRIDAY!!

I feel renewed belief in the regional center!

We didn't have to fight, appeal, write letters, go to court, make any phone calls...nothing.

What a GREAT early birthday present for Max.


I'm just THRILLED.



Susan - said...

Such great new for your family. Congratulations.
P.S. Super sweet picture!

Susan :)

Katye said...

That is fantastic!! I'm so pleased to see that he's moving along at such a gallop!! Yippee!!!


Kelly said...

What great news Catherine! Hooray for Max, what will you do next:)

Dr. S said...

Congratulations! Congratulations! Hooray!