Friday, February 5, 2010

Max's first birthday recap

Lots of photos so I'll just summarize here and you can scroll down to the video at the end.
We started the day lounging in bed like we always do. Lots of snuggling. I hung up the birthday banner that I made for him. I think it turned out great! Then off to Danny's Farm which is a petting zoo near our house. Max was able to see animals for the very first time and pet them. We've taken him to the zoo and wild animal park and he was basically sleeping or just looking at us! So this was a real treat. Watching him see a pig, goat, donkey, bunny, rooster all for the first time ever. Amazing to see. Then off to Marston's for lunch and then Dot's cupcakes for a birthday cupcake ( three of them - one for each of us of course! ) Then we went to Huntington Gardens. They have a special garden just for the kids and it is unbelievable! We bought a membership when we got there and plan on returning there often. It is a magical place. Art galleries, all types of gardens, cafe, trees, birds, just beautiful. Then we headed home and opened presents and ended the festivities with is little cupcake. We had so much fun. I'm so glad Jerry took the day off to spend it with Max. Oh - and we videotaped Max and I reading a book together - watch how good Max is at turning the pages. We did that before we headed out for the day.

and YES the guys wore matching orange sweatshirts. I didn't participate but they sure looked cute. I always hated seeing people do that - but when it's YOUR baby and YOUR husband and they are hanging out together - I must admit that it's pretty darn cute.

What a fantastic day his birthday was!


anna said...

What a steller birthday! I got teary eyed looking at the pictures. You are blessed with a beautiful family! Happy Birthday Max!

Tara said...

Happy Birthday, Max! Looks like you had a great day! I hope you liked your cake as much as Eon did his. I loved watching you turn the pages of your book!

Anonymous said...

OK, I think there might be a blogging limit on cuteness that you guys have just gone way over.
So. Much. Cuteness.

Inca Maia said...

Happy 1st Birthday to Max! Sounds like the whole family had a wonderful and special day. :)

Louise Gale said...

Hi Catherine, thanks so much for popping by my blog and saying hi. I adore your prints and what a gorgeous little boy you have. The photos are adorable and look forward to staying connected and dreaming big. :-)


Richenda said...

Hi Catherine -- I'm so happy to find another Angeleno in the Mondo Beyondo group. And another printamker, too! I would love to connect - especially if it involves a petting zoo. ;)

Bronwyn Shields said...

Brown Bear is Ryder's favorite book too!

Anonymous said...

I cried, but nice tears. so much love in the three videos. And Finnian's brother - what a star.

How is your workshop coming along, do you have a full house yet?

Love to you all, Mariellen