Thursday, February 4, 2010

Max! You Are ONE Year old TODAY!!!

It's midnight.
I just finished this video.
A review of Max's first year.
Max was born at about 7am on Feb 4th 2009.
I cannot believe a year has gone by.
But I have proof here in the images.
I don't have words right now to express all the thoughts and emotions I have.
So this video will have to do.

Planning on spending the day with Max and Jerry today.
Low key - all about celebrating Max -
maybe a ride on the swings at the park
Maybe a trip to a petting zoo
maybe a nap together in the afternoon.
lots of photos - for CERTAIN.
video - oh yes!

stay tuned people....more to come.

Love you baby Max.

You are my precious little angel.


CP said...

Happy Birthday Max!!!!

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

The video is great! Happy 1st birthday Max!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic tribute!
We all loved it. Akiva's favorite parts were the tummy growing, the cart (his stroller) and the hot dog. Lev's favorites were the hot dog, the waving one, and the teddy bear. Everyone loved the song. I loved each one, it was great to see some of my favorites from the year. Happy Birthday Max!

Aline said...

Happy birthday Max! My fellow Aquarian! Wonderful video--he's a lucky guy!

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday Max!!
Catherine, I have really enjoyed browsing through your have a new follower :)
See you over at the MB site!

My name is Sarah said...

Happy, Happy 1st Birthday Max!!!I liked you video. My favorite picture was the one in your swim trunks and hat. You looked so happy:) I hope you have a good day.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday max baby!!! what a great video! precious little angel... so true.

love to you and jerry... xoxo fiona

Maggiemom said...

Happy birthday Max!! You are the most handsome little man!
We just read all your blog posts and love the video. Thanks for sharing...Yvette-mom to Magdalena in Austin TX

Ann said...

I jumped over from Sarah's blog. What a beautiful video and a beautiful boy! Happy Birthday!

Maura Brennan said...

Happy Birthday, Max! Thanks for sharing the video- it is very moving. He really is a precious little angel! You're a beautiful family. Congrats to the parents for making it through baby's first year, as I say to all parents of one year olds! A toast to you, as well! Best wishes...

Joe PT said...

Happy Birthday Max! I'm honored to have been present in the video! You truly are a happy kid! All the smiles made my day! See you Monday!

Nicole D. said...

what a fantastic video!
that hot dog costume is soooo good!
happy birthday Max!

Anonymous said...

From one 2-4 birthday boy to another... wishing you all the best Max! And to your mom and dad.... yes the time goes so fast! Enjoy every moment!