Thursday, August 21, 2008

belly - part 2

this is a bit more dramatic.

the first photo was taken right when we found out I was pregnant.
the second photo was taken 2 days ago.

it's hard to hide the belly now - but it still doesn't look really pregnant in clothes yet. But it looks like something is up !

p.s. I just had a friend tell me that I shouldn't tell anyone I'm pregnant until week 14. Because that is what she did. yada yada yada.
she also had lots of strong convicted opinions about breast feeding. it didn't feel like a conversation. Just a opinion fest. I didn't ask her about either of these things.
I'm finding that when people hear that I am pregnant - they LOVE telling me how it has to be done. And in not such a nice supportive way. What is that about? I guess that is the real reason to not tell people your pregnant - ! Or to figure out a way to fend off unsolicited opinions......

I'm thinking of writing a book titled
"keep your opinions off my body"

maybe I should make a t-shirt with that slogan and wear it when I know I'm going to see these women.
They would probably think it's meant toward very religious people who think I am going to go to hell for not believing a certain way or political people who have a close minded agenda. But no - I mean it to all the mothers out there who find it necessary to project their convictions all over me without me even asking!

As I write this I can hear my dad saying:

"detach with love" (and then smirking.)

I'd rather talk about what color to paint the baby room, or go to a knitting store with them to look at yarn for another blanket. Or how about a quilting class?how about a tea date where we can talk about how it feels to be pregnant, and where to go for a good sleeping bra.

yes - lets talk about stuff that's happy happy. Like the fact that I am in week 12 and the little tomato is still hanging on!!!!!!!!

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